Running Head: the why of serial killing into the Psychopath’s Mind: The Why of Serial Murder

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Environmental Factors

Recent studies on the reasons for psychopathy have suggested that biological and environmental factors have the most influence on the disease. Some of these environmental factors start in the home. When children show symptoms of psychopathic behavior that might cause parents more stress. Then the parents take that stress out on the child which just makes them act out more. If a parent is frazzled, they are less likely to have good parenting skills when being around their children (Fite, Greening, & Stoppelbein, 2008). Likelihood of psychopathic behavior increases as the level of parenting decreases. This means that the worse the parent’s action, the higher the probability is that the child will have psychopathic tendencies.

Socialization is also a factor. Since girls are usually pushed to be more social than boys by their mothers, there might be a biological and psychological connection (Myers, 2004). Because girls are pushed to social, they might be able to better connect with other human beings. Boys don’t always have the social interaction and so are not forced to have any relationships other than their family. Parents and children with difficulties forming attachments also showed signs of psychopathic characteristics. If children do not have a close relationship with their parent or guardian, they are more likely to have problems in school and may have trouble with the law in adolescence (Fite et al., 2008). Another biological factor includes the likelihood of addictions and prior mental instability in the family. Serial killers have often been found to be addicts who have frequent mood swings (Knight, 2006). This inclination makes serial killers all the more unstable. Mental instability just makes the murderer much more dangerous. There is no telling what can set them off.

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