Running Head: the why of serial killing into the Psychopath’s Mind: The Why of Serial Murder

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Into the Psychopath’s Mind: The Why of Serial Murder

Linsey Hatch

Southern Utah University


Serial murder is a rare event that might be preventable if the underlying reasons for psychopathy can be pin-pointed and treated. A variety of ways describe serial killing. Different authors focus on different traits of serial killing to define serial murder. The factors leading to serial murder vary and are difficult to define. Environmental factors include family life and mentors in childhood. Family life contributes to the mental stability of children. Mothers and fathers, the ultimate guidelines for children, influence how the child will act in similar situations. Psychological traits like narcissism and empathy also indicate psychopathy. A lack of affective empathy is seen as callousness. Callousness, defined as a lack of feeling towards the victim, explains why the murderer can commit such terrible crimes. A correct method of prevention and treatment of psychopathy proves to be difficult to discover. Early detection of psychopathy from extreme school problems can be beneficial in the prevention of serial murder.

Keywords: Serial murder, psychopathy, empathy, narcissism, serial killer.

Into the Psychopath’s Mind: The Why of Serial Murder

Serial killing may be seen as something that is an inevitable part of society. However, if there was a way to unlock the causes of serial murder, there might be a way to prevent such horrific events from happening. The subjects discussed in this paper focus on learning the inner workings of a psychopath’s mind. Instead of the darker, how did they do it, the focus will be on how could they do it. Psychological, environmental, and biological factors are used to find the underlying causes of serial murder. Learning about why the serial murderer kills could be a key step to finding a solution for psychopathy. The main question that needs answering in today’s society is why a serial killer becomes a killer.

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