Running head: Lesson Plan 1

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Running head: Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan 1

Chad Spradley

University of Montevallo

ED 507

Dr. Suell

March 8, 2011

COS Standards

ALEX Social Studies (2004)

14.) Describe causes and consequences of World War II.

Concurrent Skills / Competency Focus:

Note-taking skills

Individual practice

Map Identification

Instructional Objectives

TSW be able to explain how the Treaty of Versailles contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

TSW be able to explain the importance of the Munich Conference.

TSW identify the major countries involved in the beginning of World War II.
Instructional Procedures

Phase I Planning

TTW prepare a handout on the map of pre-World War II Europe.

TTW write the bell ringer questions on the board for the students to begin as they come into class.

Q: What was the Treaty of Versailles and how did it treat Germany?
A: It was the treaty which ended World War I. The treaty placed the blame for the war on Germany and demanded that they pay reparations for damages to the victorious countries of the war.
Q: How did the treaty aid in Hitler's rise to power in Germany?
A: The German people felt alienated from the rest of the world and the reparations were putting a terrible strain on the German economy. Hitler's Nazi Party used Nationalism, pride in one's own country, to rally the German people behind his cause.

Q: What was the Munich Conference and why is it seen today in such a negative light?

A: Leaders from Britain and France met with Hitler and agreed to give him a portion of Czechoslovakia where many ethnic Germans lived. The Munich Conference is seen today negatively because Britain and France appeased Hitler. They gave into his demands instead of standing up to him.
TTW distribute copies of European map to students as they arrive in class.

Phase II Preparing students

TTW will ask students to give their answers to the bell ringer questions, and make sure all students get the correct answers.

TTW will explain that the class will label the map of Europe.

TTW will place a map of Europe on the overhead projector and help label the map of Europe.
Phase III Initiating the lesson and monitoring

TSW label their maps, and take notes on important places such as cities, boundaries, and areas controlled by the Allies and Axis at the start of World War II.


TSW work on a worksheet for the remainder of class, and finish it for homework.

TSW turn in the worksheet and map exercise at the start of class the following morning. This will count as a daily grade for class participation points.
Materials/ Resources

Handout copies (see attached)

Overhead projector/LCD monitor for the map


Copy of map



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