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Higher Education Issue:

Racism in Greek Life

E. Forney

University of Pittsburgh
Racism in Greek Life

In my paper, I am exploreing how racism in Greek letter organizations has evolved throughout time in the US. First, I will define some terminology about Greek life, drawing mostly from my own experience as a sister of Alpha Chi Omega. In this section, I hope to make clear some of the nuances in how college Greek letter organizations are run, locally and nationally. I will then first talk about discuss history, starting with the formation of Greek organizations, moving tofirst with overt racism from the colonial times up into the 1900s, then to with covert and institutionalized racism throughout the last century. Then I wi’ll discuss modern day Greek letter organizations, explaining some key terms before breaking downexploring different perspectives based on geographical location: The South(east), The North(east), and The West Coast. These perspectives shall be considered as the various stakeholders in the Greek system are recognized., After By discussing the various views stakeholders have, I hope to offer some potential steps toward alleviating the problem of Greek life racism.

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