"Running Head": chevy vs. Ford chevy vs- ford

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“Running Head”: CHEVY VS. FORD

Chevy – VS- Ford

Andre Brown

ENG 106:

Park University

September 30, 2012

Ford Motor Company is one of the greatest automobile manufacturers of all time. They started under Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan. Ford had a skill for craftsmanship when he built an experimental car in 1896. It was a twin cylinder engine with potential of 20 mph. In 1899 he left his job in order to organize the Detroit Automobile Company. Ford's first production was in 1903, the Model A, with an under the floor engine selling for $850. In the first season it sold 1,708 cars. Ford Motor Company is the second largest producer of automobiles. With annual sales of over six million cars and trucks worldwide, it has revenues of over $30 billion per year. “In 1976 Ford’s net worth was $7.7 billion and its income after taxes was over $983 million” (Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Co., 174 Cal. Rptr. 348).

Ford Motor company just kept growing after that, in 1925, Ford acquired Lincoln Motor Company and entered the luxury car market. They then would halt their product on civilian vehicles and focus on military vehicles for over 3 years. Henry Ford died in 1947. His oldest grandson took over in 1956; shares of stock in Ford went up for sale. Many popular models of cars were built during the 1950’s and the 1960’s. The Mustang and the Thunderbird were two of the most popular.

The Mustang is the one of the most popular vehicles that causes the rivalry with Chevy. The mustang has never been an exotic car. Even the rarest, most powerful Mustang ever built (such as the 69 Boss 429). The first generation Mustang (1964 ½ - 1966) was conceived in full knowledge that in the mid 60’s the biggest population bubble in history was coming of age in America. The 1964 ½ production followed two mustang concept cars.

The second generation (1967-1968), by 1967 the mustang had something it hadn’t had before: competition. Chevrolet was now making the Camaro, its enemy. Ford’s response to that competition was a new, slightly larger Mustang with an all new body over what was pretty much the same chassis. They then came up with a v8 motor rather than the v4 that had in the earlier models. The thing now is all about the speed. They had about 271 horsepower. During this era this is what started the rivalry with the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang. The battle dates back to the 1900’s. When Ford came out with the 1st car the battle began. The Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro have been rivals since the mid 60's. Fords Mustang was first introduced in early1964 as a sportier, more compact version of the Ford Falcon. Chevrolet didn't pay much attention to the ever so popular Mustang for about two years. Seeing as how popular the new sports car was, Chevy started brainstorming ideas for their own four-seating sports car. "Hence the Camaro was born in early 1967”. (web.bryant.edu/~ehu/h364proj/fall_97/lushing/Ford.html)

Now let’s get down to the Nitti gritty. We are now going to talk about the history of the Chevrolet. General Motors owns Chevrolet, a great American car manufacturer. W.C. Durant in Detroit, Michigan started the company. The cars produced were first brought out by racecar driver, Louis Chevrolet. He established an automobile for $2150, which were six cylinders and 4.9 litres. The first big car produced on the market was the Baby Grand, which was sold for $875. Electrics were optional on Chevrolets until 1917. With the first real boost in production and innovation, cars were sold at a standard price increasing sales to 70,701 from 13,600.

In 1917 General Motors acquired Chevrolet. In 1920 Ford and Dodge were the only leaders above Chevrolet's marque. As competition rose, Chevrolet began preparation for new models as well as styles. They came up with a few standard automobiles, which were no different than competitors until their 1925 Superior. This coach had disc wheels and "Duco cellulose finish (refer to source 6)" selling for only $650. This allowed for Chevrolet to outsell Ford for the first time, even though Ford was switching over from the Model T to A. One big development came in 1929 with the "Cast Iron Wonder" which sold more than a million cars in its first year at $595.

In 1931 Chevrolet finally surpassed Ford for a matter of 3 years. During the 1930's Chevy became aware of the need to improvise. They came up with many new styles adding to their collection of automobiles. Thy created V-grilles, hydraulic brakes, large engines, column shifts, along with convertibles. They also manufactured a station wagon in 1939. While in 1940 they offered a power top convertible with low prices. Also during the coming months Juan Manuel Fangio won a race in Argentina using one of the new coupes.

First Generation Camaro (1967-1970) this is the reason the Ford Motor Company came up with the second generation mustang. Once again this when the rivalry between the two was introduced, just as the first mustang was on the compact of the Falcon, the Camaro is based on the compact of the nova. The basic engineering of the Camaro was a unibody structure from the windshield and the firewall back, with a separate steel frame. Also like the mustang the Camaro started out with a v4 engine, and then they came out with v8 engine. There are several different generations of the Camaro, just like the Mustang. Over the years they have been going back and forth with who will make the best product. It is not only the Mustang and Camaro. They also have a time with the pickup truck and the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). The pickup truck is called the F150 for Ford and the Silverado for the Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet came out with the Corvette and the Ford Motor Company had to make them something to stay in with it. They started the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) this what brought about the Cobra Mustang, it is a very performance of the cars and trucks of the For Industry. They have started putting motors in all the vehicles that they have.

The different engine in the rivalry has really gotten wild now. There is a thing that is used when they take the Ford mustang, and they will put a Chevrolet motor. It is all about the horse power, I feel that it is easier to get more horsepower from the Chevrolet motor than the Ford motor. The two also have what is called a big block motor; the one for Ford is the 460 cubic inch engine. The Chevrolet has the 454 cubic inch. Now the thing is which would you want to have, it is all in your preference in which that you want to get. The one that I will choose is the Ford big block motor. But the best motor that is the rarest is the 429 cubic inch for both. Now we have saved the best for last the body styles is what has gotten people’s attention. Now if you have noticed that the new body styles look like the old ones. So I am the fan of the sixth generation Mustang. My goal is to get me a 1993 Notchback Mustang, I will get me a little 302 motor and bore it out and have me a little play toy.

The price of the two is almost the same. Ever since they have been in the making the prices are all about the same. In the late 60’s, the prices were in the ball park of $2,466 for the Chevy Camaro. The Ford Mustang price was $2,512, as Americans an see they are not that far apart. Today, Americans will not be able to buy one of those 60’s Camaro or a Mustang at that price. If you find one restored they are starting in the area of $25,000 and up.

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