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The full text is given for the General Rules that introduce the scenario booklets. This section combines the information given in both “Cry Havoc” and “Siege”.
Before playing a scenario, read it through completely. Take note of the victory conditions as they change from one scenario to the next. It is important to lay out the maps as described at the beginning of each scenario. The numbers 1 to 8 refer to the numbers printed on the maps for “Cry Havoc” (side 1, side 2, etc.) and the letters A to H refer to the maps for “Siege”. These help set out the desired positioning of the maps.
In “Cry Havoc” the first scenario is the simplest to play, and the others are presented in increasing complexity. In “Siege” the scenarios are also presented in an order of increasing complexity, starting with scenarios that are simple and short, with only a few characters, and moving on to scenarios that are more complicated and take longer to play, such as Scenario 6 which combines within a single campaign all of the characters from both “Siege” and “Cry Havoc”.
There is no limit on the number of Game Turns taken to complete a scenario. A Game Turn is equivalent to about five seconds of actual time, so the total duration of the action will in any event be very short.
If there are more than one player on either side, we particularly recommend scenarios 2, 4 and 7 from “Cry Havoc”. But it is also possible to divide up the characters from any one side between different players in any of the scenarios. In “Siege” scenarios 1 to 5 can be played just with the pieces from “Siege”, but for scenarios 6 and 7 the players will also need “Cry Havoc”.
Entering characters onto the map: Characters that enter the map during a scenario begin by spending the movement points need for the entry hex itself. They move normally, taking account of the restrictions imposed by the nature of the terrain. Half-hexes at the edge of the game-board can be entered: they count as if they were whole hexes.
Exiting characters from the map: Any character that voluntarily exits the map cannot return before the game ends. A character who is forced to retreat due to missile-fire or combat, and who would be obliged to exit the map during that retreat, will stop still instead and will be wounded. If he is already wounded, he will be killed.
Victory Points for casualties: In some of the scenarios one or other side (and sometimes both) may be awarded Victory Points for casualties. To calculate these points, players use the following formula:

For each KNIGHT


5 points


3 points

For each PEASANT


2 points


1 point



3 points


2 points

Changes from English version of the scenarios: The French versions had only a few clarifications and generally only minor changes to the scenarios. It is simplest to just list the changes since the English versions of the scenarios are fairly easy to come by.


Since the French game did not include the optional rule on Command Control, no mention is made of whether this rule can or cannot be used. In the English version it can be used in scenarios 2-6.
Scenario 1: Street Fight (Bagarre de rue) No change
Scenario 2: Peasant Revolt (La revolte des paysans)

Victory conditions (clarification): A decisive victory is gained if one side completely eliminates the other. If calculating victory points, the knights gain 3 points for every character on the Peasants side that is killed, i.e. soldiers as well as peasants.
Scenario 3: City Sack (Le dernier carré)

Ammunition (change): If the optional rule on ammunition is used, both players [not just the defenders] divide by two the number of arrows obtained for each character by the die-roll.

Capture of Edith (minor change): Once she has surrendered, Edith is moved with one of the attackers in the same way as a captured knight. [The English version states she is led like a dismounted horse!]

Set-up (minor change): The defenders can be placed anywhere inside the built-up area: the road, the buildings or the courtyards [as opposed to anywhere on the raised area inside the slopes].

Victory conditions (clarification): A decisive victory is won if one side completely eliminates the other. The attackers only gain victory points for live warhorses.
Scenario 4: Robbery with Violence (Bandits de grand chemin)

Starting positions (clarification): The outlaws start the first Game Turn.
Scenario 5: The Trap (Le guet-apens)

Victory Points (change): Characters from the ambushed side only gain Victory Points for leaving the map if they leave after the player has loudly declared which side he has chosen. Any character that left before this will gain no points. If the optional rule for Ransom is used, each captured knight is worth 20 Victory Points [not 50].
Scenario 6: Vanguard Clash (Le choc des avant-gardes)

Starting positions (clarification): Side 1 starts the first Game Turn. Each side must attempt to annihilate the other.
Scenario 7: Flight (La fuite éperdue)

Starting positions (clarification): The action commences with the fugitives starting the first Game Turn.

Victory conditions (change): The fugitives can only leave through map-edge 5 [not through any edge of ‘The Crossroads’ map]. The pursuers must amass 175 points to gain a victory [not 250 points]. If the optional rule for Ransom is used, each captured knight is worth 30 Victory Points [not 50].
Scenario 8 (Design your own scenario)

(Addition): Those who have insufficient time or patience can purchase booklets of supplementary scenarios for “Cry Havoc”. In Scenario Book 1 there are 6 scenarios, and this booklet also includes rules for playing “Cry Havoc” with lead miniatures in place of cardboard characters [although in the event these extra rules were omitted when the French version was finally published]. You can also purchase supplementary maps to enlarge the area of the game, and there is a companion game called “Siege”. Focusing on the tactics of attack and defence of castles in the medieval period, “Siege” has rules that are completely compatible with “Cry Havoc”. Some scenarios for “Siege” require all four different maps and all the characters from both games. Awesome!

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