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Residential Deposit Policy

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Residential Deposit Policy

All customers applying for service will have a credit history check through On Line Utility Services. On Line Utility Services is a national company providing credit history information to the utility industry for the purpose of setting and collecting deposits. Harriman Utility Board will not accept Letters of Credit from previous service providers as waivers for deposits.

Deposits will be required as follows:

  • Customers with a yellow rating will pay the following deposits:

Electric: $100.00

Gas: $100.00

Water: $50.00

  • Customers with a red rating will pay the following:

Electric: $150.00

Gas: $150.00

Water: $75.00

Customers who refuse to supply proper personal information to proceed with the credit history report will pay deposits based on the red rating schedule.
All deposits required must be paid in full at the time of application for service. There are no installment payments allowed on any deposits.
Customers that are required to post a deposit may request the return of the deposit after two years of service. At that time any residential customer with a rating of green from On Line Collections may have their deposit applied to the account.
Deposits will be applied to the final bill when a customer requests termination of their services. If the final bill is less than the deposit the balance will be refunded to the customer.
Customers transferring from one service location to another will have the deposit on file transferred to the new service location. If the deposit on file is not sufficient to meet the deposit requirements at the new service location, the customer will be required to pay the additional deposits before the account can be transferred to the new service location. Customers adding service or substantially changing their service will also be required to post deposits according to this rule.
In no case will the residential deposit exceed two times the highest monthly bill.

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