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Meters are read and bills are generated on a monthly basis. After the bills are mailed the customer has 15 days to pay the bill and only pay the net amount.

The bill is due and payable at the time of mailing. The Utility Board allows the customer to pay a net amount on the 15th day to allow for mail delivery and to encourage customer to pay the bill in a timely fashion.
On or after the 16th day the customer must pay the gross amount. The gross amount is the net bill amount plus a 5% late fee. All bills will have the statement “due date does not apply to past due balances.”

Twenty days after the bill is mailed is the day disconnect notices are mailed out.

The twenty seventh day after the bill is mailed out is the cutoff date and all accounts with unpaid balances should be cut on this day. Harriman Utility Board will not accept any responsibility for damages due to the interruption of service after the disconnect date.

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