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Harriman Utility Board Meter Policy

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Harriman Utility Board Meter Policy

It is mandatory that the main breaker be off when we turn on your electricity, (this includes if you have been turned off for non-payment). Also, all water must be turned off inside the home for us to turn on water at the meter.
If your main breaker is not off, your services will not be turned on. If we are turning on gas and/or water services, someone must be present. Any additional trip we make to turn your services on will result in a $50.00 charge during normal business hours or a $150.00 charge if it is after business hours.
All meter tampering will result in a tampering fee of $250.00 plus labor and material. Electric accounts will also require the purchase of an electrical permit by a licensed electrician, and must pass inspection by the state inspector.
Utility meters are the property of Harriman Utility Board. As such, and by Tennessee State law, the Utility Board must have access to the meters at all times.

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the customer to provide ready access to the meter location clear of any obstruction:

    1. Meters shall not be covered with trash, brush, building materials, anything that restricts the utility worker’s access, or shrubbery planted in such fashion as to restrict direct access by utility workers.

    2. No existing meter shall be enclosed in an addition such as a garage or room. No deck or other covering shall be built over an electric meter without at least five (5) foot of head room from ground or floor level to bottom of deck or covering. No deck or covering whatsoever shall be built over any gas or water meter.

    3. Customers who choose to have metered property that is restricted by locked devices must agree to let us have one of our locks installed, or give us a key to gain entrance.

    4. No menacing animal of any kind shall be tethered in such a fashion as to allow the animal to threaten, or be close enough to threaten utility workers. This includes meters that are located inside fenced areas that have animals loose within the fenced area. These animals must be restrained away from the meters even if they are inside the fence.

    5. Harriman Utility Board management or supervisory personnel will make the determination if an animal is considered a threat.

  1. If the meter, for any of the above reasons cannot be accessed during the normal course of business, Harriman Utility Board will take the following steps at its discretion:

  1. In the first instance the customer’s reading will be estimated.

  2. If the customer service representatives repeatedly have trouble accessing a customer’s meter, the customer will receive a notice from Harriman Utility Board that their service will be disconnected in ten days if arrangements satisfactory to Harriman Utility Board are not made.

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