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Meter Tampering Definitions

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Meter Tampering Definitions

Tamper “means to rearrange, injure, alter, interfere with, or otherwise prevent from performing a normal or customary function.” With respect to the provision of utility (electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater) service, no one shall:

  1. Divert service 

  2. Prevent any meter or other device used in determining the charge for service from accurately performing its measuring function by tampering or by any other means

  3. Tamper with any property owned by or used by Harriman Utility Board (HUB) to provide service

  4. Connect or reconnect with property owned or used by HUB to provide service without the authorization or consent of HUB

No one shall do anything which will in any way interfere with or prevent the proper registration of a meter. No one shall tamper with or work on a meter without the written permission of HUB. No one shall install any wires or other device which will cause service to pass through or around a meter without the passage of such service being registered fully by the meter.


All metering equipment will be sealed by HUB for protection. No one, except authorized HUB employees, HUB contractors or agents, shall cut, break, or otherwise remove an HUB seal on meters or metering equipment.


HUB will assess Revenue Protection and Recovery Charges against any person who tampers with or damages any system equipment, including but not limited to meters or any device used to measure utility service to a premise.


Tennessee state law (TCA 65-35-101 et.seq.) addresses fraud, theft, or destruction of property of public utilities in the state. TCA 65-35-104 provides that any person violating the provisions of TCA 65-35-102 ("prohibited Acts") is liable civilly for damages resulting from such violation, including actual, compensatory, incidental and punitive damages, which is three (3) times HUB's estimated loss of revenue plus reasonable attorneys' fees and costs associated with such loss. In the event HUB brings a civil action in any court of appropriate jurisdiction against any person violating any of the acts prohibited by TCA 65-35-102, and upon a finding by the court that said person violated TCA 65-35-102, HUB shall also assess against said person the level of damages determined by the court.


In the absence of an identifiable tenant, the owner of any premises may be presumed to be the occupant of such premises for purposes of these service procedures and HUB’s remedies for service tampering.

The current charges related to utility service tampering is $250.00 plus material and labor.

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