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When Services are Activated

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When Services are Activated

Harriman Utility Board will make every effort to connect services on the following business day after date of application. This does not include a new construction. All new construction must have passed necessary state inspections and the inspector must turn in the paperwork to Harriman Utility Board before lines can be connected and meters placed. After Harriman Utility Board has received the paperwork stating that the customer has passed inspections and made application for service we will make every effort to have services connected the following business day.

Customer must have the main breaker turned off before Harriman Utility Board will install a meter. When having gas turned on, it will be the responsibility of the customer to have someone at the location at the time the gas is turned on. At no time will Harriman Utility Board turn on gas without someone there. This is a safety consideration for the customer and the property should there be a gas leak. It is also the responsibility of the customer to make sure there is no

water turned on inside the home. We allow approximately ten gallons of water to run, and if the meter continues to spin, we will turn the water back off. This is to avoid a possible leak from damaging the home.

Exact appointment times cannot be made for services to be turned on. If the main breaker is left on, no one is present for gas to be turned on, or if the water meter keeps spinning there will be a callout charge for us to make a second trip.

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