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Billing Disputes

At anytime customers of Harriman Utility Board have the right to dispute the amount of their bill. This can be by written contact or by verbal contact. The dispute can be as simple as requesting a recheck of the readings of the meter the bill is calculated by. At such time Harriman Utility Board will make every effort to investigate the questions of the customer. The following steps will be taken to try and settle the customer’s dispute.

  1. Have someone go to the service address and reread the meter to insure the meter was read correctly the first time. The customer must pay a $25.00 service fee for this recheck. If the first reading was incorrect, the service fee will be credited back to the customer’s account. Customer Service Rep will leave a notice at the door explaining to the customer what the findings were the second time the meter was read.

  1. If the reading was correct, the customer can request that the meter be tested. The Utility Board will remove the meter and replace it with another meter while the testing is being done.

  1. It will be explained to the customer that they must pay a $25.00 test fee. However, if the meter test shows the meter not to be operating correctly, then the customer’s account will be adjusted by the information shown by the test, and the test charge will be credited back to the customer’s account.

  1. Electric meters are tested on a test board at the Harriman Utility Board’s location.

  1. After a customer disputes a billing charge, no other action will be taken to collect the bill until the required re-read or meter test has been done.

  1. After reviewing the information from a meter test the Credit/Customer Service Manager, or their assistant, will determine the amount, if any, of an adjustment to be made to the customer’s account.

  1. If the customer requests a meeting with the HUB manager, it will be the responsibility of the Credit/Customer Service Manager or their assistant to see that a meeting is set up at a time which is convenient for the manager and the customer.

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