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Termination for Tampering

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Termination for Tampering

Tampering with any meter is against the law in the state of Tennessee. Any location where there is evidence of tampering will be reported to the proper legal authority. Pictures will be made for the records of the Utility Board and then the authorities will be called. At this point it will become a legal investigation that will be pursued by the investigating officer.
All accounts found to have been tampered with will:
Be cut off immediately.
A tampering charge of $250 plus material and labor will be charged to the account. The line crew is required to cut the service at the pole or at the weather head. All cases of tampering will require the meter base be inspected by the State Electric Inspector before service is restored. Even if it is just that the seal has been cut, this inspection must be done.
Licensed electricians will be required to purchase electric permits for service locations before a new tenant is allowed to have service reinstated. Owners or renters cannot purchase the permit.

All fees, inspections, and calculated usages must be paid before service is restored.

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