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Temperature Restrictions for Non Pay Customers

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Temperature Restrictions for Non Pay Customers

Harriman Utility Board will not perform cut offs of accounts for non-payment of the utility bills under the following conditions:

  1. If the predicted low for the night is to be below 32 degrees

  2. If the predicted heat index for the day is to be above 105 degrees

The Harriman Utility Board will use the predictions from the National Weather Bureau station at Morristown TN, to decide when these conditions apply.

Medical Restrictions for Non Pay Customers

Customers who have medical equipment that requires electricity may bring in a statement from their doctor. The statement must be signed by the doctor and state that the customer has a life threatening condition that requires the use of this equipment.

These customers will be given thirty days from the date of disconnect notice to pay their bill up to current.
If after the thirty days, the bill is not paid, Harriman Utility Board will disconnect service.
Each customer may only receive two extensions in a twelve month period based on weather conditions or medical hardships.

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