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"The institutions shall maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with representative associations and civil society."

21 Opinion on Principles, procedures and action for the implementation of Articles 11(1) and 11(2) of the Lisbon Treaty of 14 November 2012 (OJ C 11, 15.1.2013, p. 8).

22 Opinion on the Evaluation of European Commission stakeholder consultations of 2 July 2015 (SC/040) (not yet published in OJ).

23 Paragraph 4 of Article 13 TEU on the Union's institutional framework provides that "The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission shall be assisted by an Economic and Social Committee and a Committee of the Regions acting in an advisory capacity".

24 This proposal was already made by the Committee to the European Council in an opinion in 2006, during the period of reflection which followed the failure to ratify the Constitutional Treaty. See opinion on Contribution to the European Council of 15-16 June – Period of reflection of 17 May 2006 (OJ C 195, 18.8.2006, p. 64).

25 Paragraph 18 of the Protocol on the cooperation with the Commission stipulates that "the Committee contributes to the process of evaluating the implementation of Union legislation, in particular in relation to the horizontal clauses, as provided for under Articles 8 to 12 TFEU."The Cooperation Agreement with the European Parliament stipulates that the EESC shall systematically provide the Parliament with "impact assessments on European legislation", alongside "information and relevant materials from civil society on how existing legislation and spending programmes are effectively working and what are the deficiencies to be taken into account in making and revising legislation and EU policy".

26 Opinion on Delegated Acts of 16 September 2015 (INT/768) (not yet published in OJ).

EESC-2015-03264-00-01-AC-TRA (EN) /1

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