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In order to contribute effectively to all this, the EESC itself should fully use its potential and reinforce its role, its operating and working methods, and its operational links with the main European civil society organisations and networks. The EESC is also increasing the relevance of its work by focusing more on clusters of EU priority policies, in the context of the consultative function assigned to it by the Treaties.

    1. In so doing, the EESC can make a significant contribution to building on the potential of the Lisbon Treaty in policy areas of direct concern to citizens and to identifying possible shortcomings that would require changes and adjustments to the policies concerned in order to better meet their needs.

Brussels, 16 September 2015

The President
of the
European Economic and Social Committee
Henri Malosse


1 Organised civil society can be defined as the sum of all organisational structures whose members have objectives and responsibilities that are of general interest and who act as mediators between the public authorities and citizens.See opinions on The role and contribution of civil society organisations in the building of Europe of 22 September 1999 (OJ C 329, 17.11.1999, p. 30) and on Organised civil society and European governance: the Committee's contribution to the drafting of the White Paper of 25 April 2001 (OJ C 193, 10.7.2001, p. 117).

2 See Article 300 (4) TFEU.

3 See Article 1 TEU.

4 See Article 5 (1) TEU.

5 Speech by Herman Van Rompuy "Is there a need for a 'New Pact for Europe?'", Brussels, 17 June 2015.

6 Titles I to IV TFEU.

7 Opinion on Completing EMU – The role of taxation policy of 10 December 2014 (OJ C 230, 14.7.2015, p.24).

8 Opinion on Progress made on implementing the Europe 2020 strategy and how to achieve its targets by 2020 of 19 February 2015 (OJ C 251, 31.7.2015, p. 19).

9 Opinion on the Amended proposal for a Council Decision on the system of own resources of the European Union (COM(2011) 739 final - 2011/0183 (CNS) and the Amended proposal for a Council Regulation laying down implementing measures for the system of own resources of the European Union (COM(2011) 740 final - 2011/0184 (APP) of 29 March 2012 (OJ C 181, 21.6.2012, p. 45) and Opinion on A European tax as an EU own-resource of 17 September 2015 (ECO/377) (not yet published in OJ).

10 Opinion on the Communication from the Commission – Strategy for the effective implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights by the European Union of 21 September 2011 (OJ C 376, 22.12.2011, p. 74).

11 In the event of a revision of the Treaties, the EESC has already suggested including a Social Progress Protocol.See Opinion on the Communication from the European Commission – Single Market Act II –Together for new growth of 17 January 2013 (OJ C 76, 14.3.2013, p. 24).

12 Opinions on European immigration policies of 11 September 2014 (OJ C 458, 19.12.2014, p. 7), on European immigration policy and Relations with third countries of 9 July 2014 (OJ C 451, 16.12.2014, p. 1), and on The new foreign and security policy of the EU and the role of civil society of 27 October 2011 (OJ C 24, 28.1.2012, p. 56).

13 Paragraph 27 of the conclusions.

14 Opinion on Completing EMU -The proposals of the European Economic and Social Committee for the next European legislature of 9 July 2014 (OJ C 451, 16.12.2014, p. 10).

15 Opinions on For a Social Dimension of European Economic and Monetary Union of 22 May 2013 (OJ C 271, 19.9.2013, p. 1) and on the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council - strengthening the social dimension of the economic and monetary union of 17 October 2013 (OJ C 67, 6.3.2014, p. 122).

16Opinion on Completing EMU: the political pillar of 27 May 2015 (ECO/376) (not yet published in OJ).


18 "Trilogues" are provided for in the Joint Declaration of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission of 13 June 2007 on Practical arrangements for the codecision procedure (Article 251 of the EC treaty) (OJ C145, 30.6.2007, p. 5).

19 On the role of national parliaments and the European Parliament, respectively.

20 Article 11 (1) and (2) states that:"The institutions shall, by appropriate means, give citizens and representative associations the opportunity to make known and publicly exchange their views in all areas of Union action."

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