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The Lisbon Treaty entails a more significant role for the European Parliament and a proactive attitude by Member States via a strengthened Council. However, in the future, it will be necessary to extend the competences of the European Parliament further, for instance through an increased role in European economic governance and the European Semester, and to put in place a more balanced share of responsibilities and interinstitutional cooperation between the three institutions, which would ensure a more solid EU Method. In that context, an issue of particular interest is the extensive use that is made of "trilogues" for the adoption of acts in first and second reading of the ordinary legislative procedure18. "Trilogues" have to a large extent become the norm, thus going against the democratic principles of transparency and accountability and the necessary balance to be maintained between the three institutions in the framework of the ordinary legislative procedure. Therefore, the EESC advocates a return to the spirit, if not the letter, of the ordinary legislative procedure, "trilogues" remaining exceptions.

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