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Progress in European economic governance will be possible by enhancing the social dimension of the EU. This should be based on more balanced application of Article 3 TEU, which stipulates that the EU must find equilibrium between economic efficiency, social and territorial cohesion. Moreover, Articles 151 and 153 of the TFEU aim to support a harmonisation of social systems of Member States, an issue explored by the EESC in 201315.

    1. At the same time, we need to strengthen the EU democratic legitimacy in order to reinforce its political framework, and in particular the role of the European Parliament. To that end, concrete steps can be undertaken within the framework of the current Treaty and rules. In the medium to long term, a possible revision of the Treaty should bring the institutional provisions in line with the indispensable requirements of a real political Union. The EESC has already approved a very detailed roadmap for the realisation of the political pillar of EMU, which outlines a wide range of possible actions16.

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