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In order to move forward there has to be a combination of ambition, pragmatism and innovation. The EESC is of the opinion that there is today an opportunity to leverage the EU's challenges and to work towards a new phase in the EU's development. It is an opportunity to devise a new pact, between Member States and between the EU and its citizens, for a Europe which will reinforce cooperation, competitiveness and growth, integration and solidarity.

    1. Without doubt, an under-used tool is "Enhanced Cooperation" (defined in Article 20 TEU). This procedure was used for the first time in the area of divorce and legal separation and subsequently for the creation of unitary patent protection in the EU, as well as the proposed introduction of a financial transaction tax. Secondly, the "Passerelle" (bridges) clause (i.e. Article 48(7) TEU), may be used. However, such revisions would require unanimity among the governments of Member States in the European Council or Council, which may be difficult to implement. Both these tools could, in principle, simplify and speed-up European decision-making.

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