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Within this context, the EESC has highlighted the necessity to implement effectively the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights, by means of new, targeted initiatives10. The Committee stresses the need to ensure equality for all, with specific focus on vulnerable groups. It underlines that, at the EU level, the Charter's obligations apply to all institutions, agencies and bodies. The EESC urges Member States to build a protection- and promotion-oriented fundamental rights culture at all government levels and across all policy and legislative areas. In addition, it should examine and identify the specific impact on fundamental rights during the transposition process. The EESC strongly encourages the Commission to act effectively in its role as guardian of the Treaties and to use the infringement procedure without taking political considerations into account. In addition, the EESC has called on all EU institutions, agencies, bodies and Member States involved in enacting fundamental rights to promote them with civil society participation. Any regulation related to economic governance and the functioning of the internal market must take into account the provisions of the EU Charter, via a specific assessment11.

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