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A contribution to achieving economies of scale and realising the political objectives of the EU could be reached through the reform of the EU own-resources system, simplifying the current system of contributions and payments for Member States, presenting a new own resource system and reforming the corrections system. A change to own resources would mean that the original Article 201 of the Treaty of Rome, now Article 311 of the TFEU, would be properly and fully implemented for the first time. For the EESC, it is crucial that the own resources system meets a number of criteria. These should include fairness, efficiency, stability, transparency, simplicity, accountability, a budgetary discipline, a focus on European added value, subsidiarity and fiscal sovereignty. In order to achieve these objectives, it is proposed to seize the opportunity of the next mid-term revision of the EU budget, in order to adopt the relevant proposals of the Monti High Level Group. The principal objective must be to reinforce the autonomy of the EU budget, to enable it to have leverage and greater complementarity to national budgets. This will directly contribute to achieving economies of scale and realising the political objectives of the EU9.

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