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Section Formatting Properties

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Section Formatting Properties

The following control words are used to specify section formatting properties. Default values are shown in parentheses.

Control word



Reset to default section properties


No section break


Section break starts new column


Section break starts new page (default)

Control word



Section break starts at even page


Section break starts at odd page


Beginning page number (1)


Continuous page numbering (default)


Page numbers restart at \pgnstarts value


Page number format is decimal


Page number format is uppercase roman numeral


Page number format is lowercase roman numeral


Page number format is upper case Ietter


Page number format is lower case letter


Page number is n twips from Ieft margin (720)


Page number is n twips from bottom margin ( 720)


Header is n twips from top of page (1080)


Footer is n twips from bottom of page (1080)


Line number modulus (amount to increase each line number) (1)


Distance from line number to left text margin in twips (360)


Beginning line number (1)


Line numbers restart at \linestarts value


Line numbers restart each page


Line numbers continued from preceding section


Text is top aligned (default)


Text is bottom aligned


Text is centered vertically


Text is justified vertically


Number of columns (snaking) (1)


Space between columns in twips (720)


Line between columns


Endnotes included in section


Title page has special format

Paragraph Formatting Properties

The following control words are used to specify paragraph formatting properties. Default values are shown in parentheses. When specifying border properties, the border segment control word (\brdrt, \brdrb, \brdrl, \brdrr, or \box) must precede the control word(s) specifymg the pattern for the border, to ensure compatibility with previous versions of RTF.

Control word



Resets to default paragraph properties


Designates style; if a style is specified style properties must be specified with the paragraph


Left aligned (default)

Control word



Right aligned






First-line indent (0)


Left indent (0)


Right indent (0)


Space before (0)


Space after (0)


Space between lines (if this control word is missing or if \sl000 is used, line spacing is automatically determined by tallest character in line); if positive value, use this size if it is greater than the tallest character, otherwise use tallest character; if negative value, use the absolute value of number, even if tallest character is taller


Paragraph is part of a table


Keep paragraph intact


Keep paragraph with next


Side-by-side paragraphs


Break page before the paragraph


No line numbering


Tab position in twips from left margin


Flush-right tab


Centered tab


Decimal tab


Bar tab


Border top


Border bottom


Border left


Border right


Border around paragraph (box paragraph)


Single-thickness border


Thick border


Shadowed border


Double border


Dotted border


Hairline border


Space in twips between borders and object


Leader dots


Leader hyphens


leader underline


leader thick line

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