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Horatio Alger, Jr.

Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1899) was the author of more than one hundred books for boys in the second half of the 19th century that focused on the team of success coming to those that work hard to achieve it. The son of a minister, Alger came from a prominent Massachusetts family. He graduated with honors from Harvard in 1852 and graduated from the Cambridge Divinity School eight years later. He served as a minister for a short time before moving to New York City in 1866 to devote his time to writing inspirational books for boys.

In many of his books, he wrote about the poor and homeless children of the slums of New York City, seeing them as unfortunate pawns of society, who, if only given the opportunity, could improve their lot. A general plotline that he followed often was of a poor boy who managed to achieve a respectable and successful life by working hard and taking advantage of opportunities presented. Though his writing style was characterized by simplicity and repetition, it was well received by its target audience; his books were enormously popular, selling millions of copies well into the first few decades of the twentieth century.

  1. The word “that” in paragraph 1 refers to  

  2. The word “it” in paragraph 1 refers to  

  3. The word “them” in paragraph 2 refers to  

  4. The word “who” in paragraph 2 refers to  

  5. The word “it” in paragraph 2 refers to  

ANSWER KEY: 14B 15D, 16B, 17C, 18A

  1. A. authors; B. books; C. boys; D. half

  1. A. the second half; B. the nineteenth century; C. 100; D. success

  2. A. books; B. children; C. slums; D. pawns

  3. A. slums; B. society; C. pawns; D. opportunity

  4. A. style; B. simplicity; C. repetition; D. audience

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