Rq ch 21 Part 1 – You will need to read and study my notes, too  Visuals

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RQ CH 21 Part 1 – You will need to read and study my notes, too 

1 451 – Opening Quote – Who?

- What is Lincoln’s “paramount objective” according to the quote until September 1862?

2 454 Brown Box- Observation from which battle?

- What “possessed’ the Union Soldiers?

- Describe the soldiers LIPS?....WHY?

- No Mortal….(finish quote)?

3 456 Map – Title?

- Name of the only battle shown on the Map?

- City closest to Battle?
4 456 Brown Box – Who is AL critical of?

- What is his criticism?

5 457 Map – Title?

- Union Admiral who takes New Orleans? When?

- Union General who takes Vicksburg?

- Union General who takes Atlanta? Where does he end?

- Confederate General at Antietam and Gettysburg?

- Union General at Appomattox?

6 460 Photo – Title?

- significance?

7 462 Poster – Title?

- Regiment?

- Leader?

- All of these men in this regiment were….?

8 463 Brown Box – According to the Brown box…what was the fate of captured Black Union Soldiers?

1 What does Lincoln do in response to the South’s 34-hour bombardment and capture of Ft. Sumter?
2 How long does AL anticipate the War will last, initially?
3 What are the three main effects of the Civil War listed at the end of the introduction?
Bull Run Ends the “Ninety-Day War?”
1 What is the target for the Union Army initially, called for in newspapers?
2 What is Lincoln’s expectation according to the text?
2 What is the closest town to Bull Run Creek and the name the Southerners gave to the 1st major battle of the Civil War?
3 How does the text describe the Union forces… ___________ Yankee recruits and later in the same paragraph ___________________ Union troops….?
4 What two groups brought lunch baskets to watch the “event”- battle?
5 What Confederate General earns a nickname on this day?
6 Who literally wins the Battle of Bull Run I?
7 How does this VICTORY turn out poorly for the Confederates?
8 How does this LOSS turn out better for the Union?
Tardy George” McClellan and the Peninsula Campaign
9 What is the name of the Army that MAC takes command of?
10 Nickname for Mac…?
11 Mac’s virtues? (3)
12 Defects?*** (2)
13 Where does MAC get his intelligence from….although it is often incorrect?
14 What does Lincoln accuse MAC of having ?

15 What does MAC call AL?

16 What does AL threaten to do due to “Tardy George?”
17 In 1862 what is the “campaign” called upon which the Union attempted to capture Richmond?
18 How do the Confederates trick the Union at Yorktown?
19 What Confederate General threatens DC and forces AL to take some of MAC’s reinforcing troops protect DC?
20 What is the name of the CSA Calvary General who rides completely around MAC and the Union troops mocking the inspiring General and the Union Army?
21 What is the name of the battle in which Gen. Robert E. Lee attacks MAC and the Union Troops driving them from within the site of Richmond and forces them back to Washington DC and the 1st removal of MAC as commander of the Army of the Potomac?
22 How is Lee and the Confederacies brilliant triumph ironic?
23 After the terrible and disappointing loss…What does AL begin to do?****
24 Union Strategy now turned toward what? (two words)****
25 **** A New Union Strategy emerges from the failure of the Peninsula Campaign it has six (6) components name them all?

The War at Sea
26 Was the Union blockade initially effective?
27 How many miles long was the Southern Coastline?
28 Due to the above, what two types of areas along that coastline do the Union Focus on?
29 How did Britain regard the Union blockade?
30 Due to the ever-tightening Union blockade…what happened to prices in the South?
31 What does the South do to overcome the blockade?
32 Where does the CSA go to trade with Britain?
33 What % of profit do smugglers make when successful?
34 ***In 1862 what is the name of the Confederate ship that was perceived to be the main threat to the continuing success of the Union blockade?
35 What is the name of the ship that was seen as the Union’s answer to the above threat?

36 Who won the encounter between the two feared ships?

37 These were not the first “ironclads” built…so why was this encounter so historically significant?
The Pivotal Point: Antietam…after the failure of the Peninsula Campaign Lee and the CSA forces defeat Union Gen. John Pope at Bull Run II… and MAC is for the last time is promoted back to the head of the Army of the Potomac… Lee and the Confederacy is now poised to gain independence and They attempt a three pronged attack: in Mississippi, Kentucky (the Union) and in Maryland (the Union)…they anticipate recognition and aid from Europe with the success of their forces…if they are successful with this plan…independence is almost assured…The Union and the Confederacy meet in “one of the most decisive battles in world history.” –Antietam, Maryland
38 As Lee invades the North in Maryland what does he anticipate and hope that Maryland, a border state with slaves, does if he is successful ?
39 Do Marylanders respond as Lee hopes?
40 What unique occurrence favors the Union and “Little Mac?”
41 Although “Tardy George” has the advantage due to the above circumstance…What is the official outcome of the battle at Antietam/Sharpsburg?
42 What is the outcome for MAC after the battle?
43 Why, or what effects make Antietam “the most decisive battle of the Civil War?” (2)
44 What does AL announce in a preliminary fashion in September of 1862?
45 What does AL announce by Executive Order and put into effect January 1, 1863?
46 After his order is announced January 1, 1863, What does Lincoln say about the War? (copy the quote)
A Proclamation Without Emancipation
47 ***What two words does AL declare?
48 Where?
49 What areas were NOT AFFECTED?
51 Does he free any slaves in the Border States still in the Union?
52 AL’s immediate goal using the Emancipation Proclamation was two-fold what were they?
53 Is he successful in accomplishing these two immediate goals?


56 The reaction to the EP varied what were the various responses…name the group and their response?(7)
Blacks battle Bondage
57 ******What provision in the EP affects Black Men who want to participate in the Civil War?
58 How many Black soldiers were in the US Army at the War’s outset?
59 How does the War Department initially treat FREE BLACK Men who want to volunteer at the beginning of the war?
60 How does the US Navy treat FREE BLACK Men who want to join?
61 By War’s End How many Black Soldiers fought for the Union?
62 What % of the total Union Army soldiers were Black Men during the Civil War?
63 How Many Black Men die in the Civil War?
64 What Northern State contributes two regiments of Black Soldiers?
65 How many Medals of Honor are won, the highest military award, by Black Soldiers during the Civil War?
66 What does the Confederacy do to Black Soldiers and their White Officers when captured during the Civil War?
67 What battle is the prime example of the above?
Directory: cms -> lib4 -> NC01000579 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 2830
2830 -> Unit 2 French Colonization/North America 1754-1800 This includes: -thematic learning objectives (each multiple choice question is tied to one (1) of these that follows
2830 -> The Alien and Sedition Acts (1798) and in Response … The Kentucky
2830 -> Ch 12 Part 2 Notes post war of 1812 expanison good and bad 
2830 -> A note… this is not a complete history just my observations of what has been tested on the Multiple choice in the past… use this wisely 
2830 -> Period Packets – Period 8: 1945-1980 Unit 9 – Chapters 36-39 Included in Each Period Packet
2830 -> Reading Questions Ch. 8 Part 2 including Varying Viewpoints “Whose Revolution” Varying Viewpoints pp. 162-163 Notes
2830 -> War of inconsistency timeline
2830 -> Notes ch. 31Part 1 (text) 32 Part 1 de to “The Advent of the Gasoline Age”
2830 -> Civil war society

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