Royal Holloway Conference Abstracts Monday 18th April 2016

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Mark Goodwin is approaching the third year of a part-time PhD in Spanish and Education at the University of Manchester, under the supervision of Prof. Chris Perriam (Spanish/Film Studies) and Dr. Alex Baratta (Education). He also works full-time as Teacher in charge of Spanish at a local independent grammar school. My research aims to, firstly, analyse the success of current practices in teaching Spanish through its national cinema at GCSE, A-level and undergraduate level in line with current specifications and programmes of study, and secondly, in light of forthcoming changes to the curriculum, project the future outcomes of the practice and develop an advanced guide for how to maximise the potential for teaching and learning in this regard.
Listening across difference and disadvantage through participatory video exchanges with children in Timor-Leste and Australia”, Kelly Royds (University of New South Wales)
In this paper, I discuss the use of ‘participatory video’ in research and development education with children in Timor-Leste and Australia. I outline how children’s creative and collaborative engagement with video enabled them to reflect, imagine and engage with national and international development narratives of difference and disadvantage. First, I discuss how the use of video created a bridge between children’s everyday experiences and more formal learning environments. Second, I explore children’s perceptions of ‘inequality’ and ‘privilege’ associated with viewing and exchanging participatory videos with a culturally, linguistically and geographically different group of children. And finally, I reflect on the role of validation, listening and the significance of a ‘real audience’ for children’s participatory video work. Drawing on the work of Dunphy (2013) and Waite and Conn (2011), this paper extends discussions about the role of creativity and participatory video in facilitating spaces for children and young people to engage with, and be heard within, international and community development practice.
Kelly Royds is a PhD Candidate at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Her work and research for the past eight years has focused on the use of participatory media for social justice and development education. Her doctoral study explores the intersections of childhood, participatory media and international development.

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