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The Inaugural National Scholastics Championship

Case Western Reserve University

Read these questions as if they were bonuses, except that the teams choose which question.

Biological Sciences: Proteins. These proteins undergo a series of oxidation and reduction reactions, and in cellular respiration, they accept hydrogen in the citric acid cycle. For 15 points -- name these "colored" proteins.

ANSWER: cytochromes

Fine Arts: Interior Design. It consists of small individual columns that together support a horizontal beam that is usually waist‑high. For 15 points -- name this architectural term for this type of support used commonly as an extension of the bannisters on staircases.

ANSWER: balustrade

Mathematics: Geometry. Pencil and paper ready. Imagine three circles with circumferences of 18, 12, and 6. Now, for 15 points -- expressing your answer in terms of p [pi], how much greater is the area of the largest circle than the sum of the areas of the 2 smaller circles? You have 15 seconds.

ANSWER: 36p [36 times pi]

Physical Sciences: Wave Motion. His name is given to a frequency unit equal to one terahertz (1012 Hz), and to diffraction in which the light source, the receiving screen, or both are at finite distances from a diffracting object, such that wavefronts are not planar. For 15 points -- which scientist=s name is also given to a lens cut into a series of steps thinner than conventional lenses?

ANSWER: Augustine Fresnel [appropriately pronounced “fruh-NELL”]

Religion, Mythology, & Philosophy: Warnings. In his "Essay Concerning Technology", this German philosopher warned that technology will lead people to continue improving technology at the cost of humanity, an idea he called "enframing". For 15 points -- name this philosopher whose idea of enframing was evident in the race to build the atomic bomb.

ANSWER: Martin Heidegger

Social Sciences: Psychology. An Austrian physician who lived from 1734 to 1815 used the power of suggestion to cure ailments of his patients. Thus, for 15 points -- whose name became the derivation of an English verb synonymous with "hypnotize"?

ANSWER: Franz Mesmer [prompt on "mesmerize"]

Sports & Entertainment: Vanishing Act. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had an episode with a civilization that disappeared and reappeared. Their inspiration came from -- for 15 points -- what Lerner and Loewe musical featuring a village that appears one day each century?

ANSWER: Brigadoon

World Geography: South America. Bolivia is a landlocked country that ironically possesses a strong navy. This is because Bolivia has easy access to the Amazon River, for 15 points, via what large lake, the second largest in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world?

ANSWER: Lake Titicaca

World History: More Useful than Congress. The first was named by Tullus Hostilus, the second was rebuilt and named after Julius Caesar, and the third was converted into the Church of St. Adrian. For 15 points -- name this House where the Roman Senate met and passed laws.

ANSWER: the Curia

World Literature: Drama. The Achorus@ begins by begging the indulgence of the play‑goers that the subject matter requires a better playwright, a better cast, and a better set. For 15 points -- name this Shakespeare play about a famous battle.


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