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The Inaugural National Scholastics Championship

Case Western Reserve University

In this round, there are 8 tossups. A correct answer = 10 points + first chance at a 15 point Category Quiz question. Opponents can earn points missed by the first team. Once chosen, a category cannot be reused.

Distribute Category Quiz list to both teams.

The categories for the Category Quiz are:
American History:

American Literature:

Biological Sciences: Proteins

Fine Arts: Interior Design

General Knowledge & Trivia:

Mathematics: Geometry

Physical Sciences: Wave Motion

Religion, Mythology, & Philosophy: Warnings

Social Sciences: Psychology

Sports & Entertainment: Vanishing Act

World Geography: South America

World History: More Useful than Congress

World Literature: Drama

1. Proximity. Similarity. Closure. Connectedness. Continuity. Continuation. These are all principles behind this theory of perception, which emphasizes that stimuli can often be interpreted as more than the sum of their parts. For 10 points, name this theory, named for the German word for “whole.”

ANSWER: Gestalt [GEH-s(h)talt]
2. It is an acronym for the “Main Administration for Corrective Labor Camps”, in Russian of course. For 10 points, name this term that refers to a forced labor camp, used in the title of a novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

ANSWER: gulag

3. Bill Clinton is not the only person in the Executive Branch facing an Independent Counsel. For 10 points, name the Secretary of the Interior who faces charges for allowing political contributions to influence his decision to reject a casino application from a Wisconsin Indian tribe.

ANSWER: Bruce Babbitt

4. An aldehyde has one; an alcohol doesn’t. A carboxylic acid has one; an alkene doesn’t. Ketones have them, too. For 10 points, name this functional group which consist of an atom of carbon double bonded to an atom of oxygen.

ANSWER: carbonyl group (accept C-O double bond; prompt on "C-O bond", NOT "carboxyl")
5. This religion is practiced in Shrine, Sect, and Folk varieties and is most noted for its veneration of ancestral spirits. For 10 points, name this indigenous religion of Japan.

ANSWER: Shintoism

6. This anthropologist wrote books like Soviet Attitudes Towards Authority and New Lives for Old. More famously, she conducted research in Samoa and New Guinea. For 10 points, name this American who popularized anthropology, author of Coming of Age in Samoa.

ANSWER: Margaret Mead
7. Caused by Britain’s refusal to withdraw troops stationed in the Transvaal, and also by the disastrous Jameson raid, it was fought against the combined forces of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Republic. For 10 points, name this war that ended with the fall of Pretoria in 1900.

ANSWER: The Boer War

8. In one of this author’s novels, 18-year-old Jennie becomes pregnant through her liaisons with Senator Brander, who dies on a trip to Washington. For 10 points, name this author who in 1911 created Jennie Gerhardt, a tragic character similar to his Clyde Griffiths and “Sister” Carrie Meeber.

ANSWER: Theodore Dreiser

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