Round 9: related tossup/bonus

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Award 20 points if “Structured Query Language” is given at this point.

5.2. [15] Five points per word, expand SQL.

  1. ANSWER: Structured Query Language

6. In this poem, the narrator asks the title character to “rise up and hear the bells,” but he “does not answer, his lips are pale and still” as he has “fallen cold and dead” on the deck. For 10 points, name this poem, featured in the movie Dead Poets Society, written by Walt Whitman.

ANSWER: “O Captain! My Captain!

BONUS. “O Captain! My Captain!” is on the death of Abraham Lincoln. 10 points each.

    1. Who wrote the elegy “A-do-na-is”?

ANSWER: Percy Bysshe Shelley

    1. “Adonais” commemorates the death of what poet of “The Eve of St. Agnes”?

ANSWER: John Keats

7. This island was long the domain of the aboriginal Ainu peoples. Serious Japanese settlement began in 1869, when the territory, then called Yezo province, was renamed to mean “North Sea Province”. For 10 points, name this northernmost and second largest island of Japan.

ANSWER: Hokkaido

BONUS. Name these Samurai weapons for 10 points each.

    1. This main weapon of the samurai is a curved sword over 3 feet long.

ANSWER: katana

    1. This is the secondary weapon of the samurai. It is a curved sword about 10 inches shorter than the katana.

ANSWER: wakizashi

8. Protective of her family’s privacy, in a Bangkok airport, she attacked a camerawoman. Her son Sindri was fathered by a guitarist named Thor, who used to play in The Sugarcubes. For 10 points, name this Icelandic elf whose albums include Debut, Post, and Homogenic.

ANSWER: Björk Gudmundsdóttir

BONUS. “Bork, bork, bork!” said the Swedish chef. Answer these Muppets questions, for 10 points each.

  1. 8.1. Sergeant Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Janice, Animal, and Dr. Teeth were among the members of this band first featured in The Muppet Movie.

ANSWER: Electric Mayhem

  1. 8.2. This catfish is the host of Muppets Tonight seen on the Disney Channel.

ANSWER: Clarence

9. The husband of Hersilia, he enlarged his empire by accepting exiles, refugees, and runaway slaves, and then, to correct a gender imbalance, he stole the Sabine women. For 10 points, name this ruler who didn’t like the height of his walls mocked, and, so, killed Remus.

ANSWER: Romulus

BONUS. RM. Identify these Roman deities, for 10 points each.

    1. Saturn’s daughter, she is the goddess of truth.

  1. ANSWER: Veritas

    1. This god of gates and doors is represented with two faces.


10. In the mid 1950s he was a foreign correspondent in Paris for a Colombian newspaper before writing novels like The Autumn of the Patriarch and Love in the Time of Cholera. For 10 points, name this magical realist author.

ANSWER: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

BONUS. 10 points each, answer these questions about Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

  1. 10.1 The novel tells the seven generational story of what family?

ANSWER: Buendia

  1. 10.2. The setting is in what jungle village?

ANSWER: Macando

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