Round 8: tossups bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

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Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

1. His clubfoot forced him into church life, and as bishop of Autun he worked first for and then against church prerogatives. Resigning his position to pursue a life in politics, he served as French foreign minister under four different regimes, including two Bourbons, one Republic, and one Bonaparte. FTP, name this Frenchman, most notorious for his ideological reversals and his involvement in the XYZ affair.

ANSWER: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince de Benevent
2. Its major characters include Turkey, Nippers, Ginger Nut, and an unnamed narrator who employs the title character. “I would prefer not to” is the mantra of the title figure of this classic short story. For ten points, name this Herman Melville tale about a self-destructive legal clerk.

ANSWER: “Bartleby the Scrivener

3. Venice, London, San Francisco, Toronto, and Athens are some of the lesser known ones, as they’re not around anymore. Ones that are still with us include New York, Chicago, Geneva, Helvetica, and Times. FTP, name these things, which have a special home in the System Folder and represent various typefaces.
ANSWER: original Macintosh Fonts (acc. “Mac” for Macintosh, and “Macintosh typefaces” before it is given in the question. Prompt on “font” with “more specific, please”).
4. A painter, poet, writer, and politician, this French Romanticist was a member of the Constituent Assembly before his opposition to Napoleon III got him exiled. He spent most of his exile on the isles of Jersey and Guernsey, to the former of which he dedicated the novel The Toilers of the Sea. Other works of the time include Napoleon Le Petit, and the first volume of The Legends of the Centuries. FTP, name this author, creator of Jean Valjean.

ANSWER: Victor-Marie Hugo

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