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1. Even though their lead singer sounds much like Stevie Wonder, their albums Emergency on Planet Earth and Return of the Space Cowboy didn’t sell to well in the US. Their third album, Travelling Without Moving, changed all that. FTP, name this British pop soul group led by Jay Kay which won the 1997 MTV Best Video of the Year award for “Virtual Insanity.”

ANSWER: Jamiroquai
2. It’s the most abundant protein in mammals, found in large amounts in bones, teeth, cartilage, skin, and tendons. Three alpha helices [hee li sees] give it the tensile strength necessary for its role as a structural support protein. Though it sounds like it creates institutions of higher learning, it really just holds us together. FTP, name this protein.

ANSWER: collagen

3. This board game has existed since the 1940s, but in 1997 a personal computer version was released on CD-ROM. In it, a player can chat with a variety of suspects, none of whom seems to be telling the truth. Such liars can also be found in the 1985 movie version of the game, which starred Michael McKeon, Tim Curry, and Christopher Lloyd. FTP identify this murder mystery game.


4. His first name is Ahmed, and he was born to a Moslem businessman and educated at the Rugby School and the University of Cambridge. He has written children’s stories and allegorical works about India and Pakistan, but now he lives in hiding under the protection of Scotland Yard. FTP identify this author whose Satanic Verses put a $6 million price on his head.

ANSWER: Ahmed Salman Rushdie

5. Tried and convicted in 1991 for kidnapping and assault, she escaped jail time. Leader of the Women’s League of the ruling party, she is known as the “Mother of the Nation,” but now she’s in trouble at the hearing she requested before the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. FTP, name this longtime wife of South Africa’s president.

ANSWER: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

6. Although written continuously, it is typically discussed as consisting of a preamble with 63 clauses. Ross Perot owns a copy of it and allows it to be displayed at the National Archives. Among other things, it stated that no freeman in England could be deprived of liberty or property except through a trial or other legal process. FTP identify this document signed at Runnymede in 1215.

ANSWER: Magna Charta

7. Known to wear $100 bills in his handkerchief pocket, he used a rubber stamp to sign autographs. Known as the “dean of the green” and “bank-shot bandit,” he is best known by the nickname of the character—based on him—portrayed by Jackie Gleason in The Hustler. FTP, name this man who frequently played Willie Mosconi, once called “New York Fats.”

ANSWER: Minnesota Fats

8. This author recounts growing up separated from his parents in 1890’s The Light that Failed. The first British recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, his books include Wee Willie Winkie and Departmental Ditties. FTP, name this author best known for his Just So Stories and Jungle Book.

ANSWER: Rudyard Kipling

9. It was first proposed in 1836 by John Plumbe and Robert John Walker. The 1849 gold rush, along with fears that Canada would try to annex the Northwest, stimulated demand for this project. Construction began during the Civil War at Omaha and Sacramento. FTP name this great construction project completed in 1886 at Promontory, Utah with a golden stake.

ANSWER: Transcontinental Railroad

10. When Tantalus served his son Pelops to the gods, only this goddess was foolish enough to eat. She also grieved so inconsolably for her abducted daughter Persephone that the earth became barren through her neglect, thus creating winter. FTP, identify this Greek goddess of harvest and fertility.

ANSWER: Demeter

11. Pencil and paper ready! FAQTP, if you toss six pennies, what are the odds that exactly three will land heads up? You have 15 seconds to buzz in.

ANSWER: 10/32 or 20/64 [from row 6 of Pascal’s triangle]

12. Although his family was filled with clergymen, he obtained an MD at the University of Zurich in 1902. He suggested that humans can be classified as extroverts and introverts, and later differentiated four functions of the mind. FTP, identify this Swiss psychologist, most famous for his theory of the collective unconscious and opposition to Freud.

ANSWER: Carl Gustav Jung

13. If the only work done is a change of volume at constant pressure, the change in this quantity equals the heat transferred to the system. It is defined as internal energy plus pressure times volume. FTP, name this thermodynamic quantity symbolized by a capital H.

ANSWER: enthalpy [prompt on “heat”]

14. “Epistrophy,” “Round Midnight,” “Criss Cross,” and “Well, You Needn’t” are compositions by this musician who, with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, developed bebop during the 1940s. From North Carolina, he had a small following until the mid-1950s because of his unorthodox piano style. FTP, name this musician who died in 1982, who composed “Blue Monk.”

ANSWER: Thelonius Monk

15. They share a name. One was American merchant, art collector, and philanthropist who established one of the world’s great department stores in Manhattan. Another is a Yale biology professor who shared the 1989 Nobel Chemistry Prize with Thomas Cech. A third directed films such as Ready to Wear, Short Cuts, and The Player. FTP, give the common surname.

ANSWER: Altman (Benjamin, Sidney, and Robert)

16. Though Irish monks had visited these islands as early as AD 700, they were not permanently settled until the Norse came in the late 800s. In the 1300s they became the property of Denmark, and they remain Danish to this day. FTP, name this North Atlantic island group with capital at Thorshavn.

ANSWER: Faeroe Islands

17. This religion is divided into 2 major branches: Theravada and Mahayana. Theravada is significant in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Sri Lanka, while Mahayana dominates in China, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. FTP, name this religion founded in northeastern India by the wisdom of Siddhartha Guatama.

ANSWER: Buddhism

18. This author first gained attention with his story of the lives of Monterey paisanos in Tortilla Flat. He followed this with a story about two itinerant farmhands hoping to save enough money to buy a house, and then a book about the Joad family. FTP, name this author of Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath.

ANSWER: John Steinbeck

19. Appointed painter to the republic of Venice after the death of Giovanni Bellini, this painter’s early works include Sacred and Profane Love. Later, he painted the Madonna of the Pesaro Family for the church of the Frari. FTP, name this painter of Venus of Urbino, born Tiziano Vecelli.

ANSWER: Titian [ACC: Tiziano Vecelli on early buzz]

20. The grave of Mary Hays is at West Point, where she was denied the whiskey ration the commissary gave other pensioners. For seven years she served alongside her artilleryman husband, swabbing cannon bores and loading shot. FTP give the nickname by which we know this Revolutionary War heroine.

ANSWER: Molly Pitcher

21. For elemental oxygen, or any other element in an uncombined state, it is zero. For an ion, it is equal to the charge. In a compound it is zero. For a polyatomic ion, it is equal to the charge. FTP, identify this chemical heuristic that is useful in predicting chemical reactions and described by the previous rules.

ANSWER: oxidation number or oxidation state (prompt on “oxidation”)

22. Born in Shaoh-sing, China, in 1898, he studied in Japan and later returned to China to work on revolutionary student magazines and agitation movements until his arrest in 1920. He moved to France, where his devotion to communism was solidified. A pragmatist and able negotiator, he helped arrange Nixon’s historic 1972 meeting with Mao Zedong. FTP, name the premier of China from 1949 to 1976.

ANSWER: Zhou Enlai (Chou En-lai)

23. He was a scholar who taught Oriental and Greek Literature at the General Theological Seminary in New York from 1823 to 1850. FTP, name this author who gave America its most enduring image of Santa Claus in his anonymously published 1844 poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”.

ANSWER: Clement Moore


Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VII

1. Thermodynamics says your hunk of burnin’ love can transfer the heat of passion in three ways. Identify them, 10 points each.

a. He walks into the room and his blazing primal fire heats the air around him, which in turn warms up your now-feverish skin. What method of heat transfer made you sweat?

ANSWER: convection

b. His perfectly chiseled face burns like the sun, emitting hot, lusty, infrared desire that makes your cheeks heat up. Through what method did he warm you across the empty space of the room?

ANSWER: radiation

c. He sits down next to you, his god-like physique pressed to yours. The inferno of his passion is transferred to your trembling frame as his steamy body gives heat to yours, through what method?

ANSWER: conduction

2. [Do not show the picture until the 20 point part.] Identify the musical group on a 30-20-10 basis.

30: This band once said about itself, “[we're] not a one-off, blow-up all at once kind of band. Our goal is to create a long career of catalog pieces and a loyal and constantly growing fan base. And, of course, to get lots of free beer.” Given the title of their first album, this is not surprising.

20: [Show picture] The lead singer, guitarist, and song-writer of the group is shown in the picture.

10: This pictured man, Brad Nowell, died of a drug overdose in May 1996. The group’s eponymous album contains the songs “What I Got” and “Santeria.”

ANSWER: Sublime

3. For 10 points, what term describes a novel written as a series of letters?

ANSWER: epistolary novel

For 10 more points, name the first epistolary novel, written by Samuel Richardson.

ANSWER: An Apology for the Life of Miss Pamela Andrews

For a final 10 points, which author parodied Pamela in his novels Joseph Andrews and Shamela?

ANSWER: Henry Fielding

4. Ten points each, answer these questions about the startling stock market fluctuations of October 1997.

a. Within 10, on Monday, October 27, the Dow Jones industrial average fell how many points?

ANSWER: 554 [ACC: 544 to 564]

b. The next day, the stock market broke two records: one for largest gain, one for highest volume. Give either the volume to the nearest 100 million, or the rise within 3 points.

ANSWER: 337.17 [ACC: 334.17 to 340.17] or 1.2 billion [ACC: 1.1 to 1.3]

c. These fluctuations were the biggest stock market news since “Black Monday.” All or nothing, give the month, day, and year of that crash.

ANSWER: October 19, 1987
5. Given the high point in America and its height, identify its state for 10 points each.

a. Mount Washington, 6,288 feet ANSWER: New Hampshire

b. Mount Hood, 11,239 feet ANSWER: Oregon

c. Mount Yale, 14,196 feet ANSWER: Colorado

6. Answer these questions on the Punic Wars, ten points each:

a. This brilliant Carthage general led his army through the Alps, campaigning in Italy for 12 years.

ANSWER: Hannibal

b. This Roman general used hit-and-run tactics to wear Hannibal’s army down and earn him the title “delayer”.

ANSWER: Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator

c. What Roman general burned Carthage and salted its soil in the Third Punic War?

ANSWER: Scipio Africanis or Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemelianus Africanus Numantinus
7. 30-20-10-5. Identify the common surname.

30: Carl Maria composed the opera Der Frei-schütz, or The Marksman.

20: Max was a German sociologist and political economist best known for his thesis of the “Protestant Ethic,” relating Protestantism to capitalism.

10: Wilhelm, a nineteenth century German physicist, gave his name to a unit of magenetic flux.

5: Steven appeared in the TV version of The Shining and on the series Wings.


8. Name the muscle from clues for 10 points each.

a. The muscles that make your hair stand on end.

ANSWER erector pili

b. The main muscle involved in moving the jaw in chewing.

ANSWER masseter

c. The large, fleshy muscle of the calf. Two possible answers.

ANSWER gastrocnemius [gas-trok-neem-ee-us] or soleus [sol-lee-us]
9. M/STI. Answer these questions on Hindu mythology, 10 points each.

a. This elephant headed Hindu god, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is considered the remover of obstacles, and Homer Simpson impersonated it to try and stop Apu’s wedding.

ANSWER: Ganesh or Ganesha

b. This great epic poem was written c. 300 BC. It concerns the title character and the abduction of his wife Sita. His reign becomes the prototype of the harmonious and just kingdom.

ANSWER: The Ramayana

c. Rama is a blue incarnation of what god?

ANSWER: Vishnu
10. Ten points each, answer these questions by naming the play in which they appear. For example, “Beatrice and Benedick’s merry war turned out to be this”, leads to Much Ado About Nothing.

a. What does Laura Wingfield own? ANSWER: The Glass Menagerie

b. Who is Sheridan Whiteside? ANSWER: The Man Who Came to Dinner

c. Claude Hooper Bukowski has a lot of what? ANSWER: Hair

11. Answer the following about the Franco-Prussian War, 10 points each.

a. What prince accepted the Spanish throne in 1870, thus precipitating the war?

ANSWER: Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

b. Name the French emperor who declared war on Prussia in July 1870.

ANSWER: Napoleon III

c. What German general exploited his numerically superior forces in most of the war’s battles?

ANSWER: Helmuth von Moltke
12. Identify the authors from works on a 15-5 basis.

a. 15: How Stella Got Her Groove Back

5: Waiting to Exhale

ANSWER: Terry McMillan

b. 15: The Gospel According to the Son

5: The Naked and the Dead

ANSWER: Norman Mailer
13. Answer these questions about musicians, 10 points each.

a. Five points for two, ten points for all three, name the 3 Tenors.

ANSWER: Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti

b. What instrument do Gil Shaham and Vanessa-Mae play?

ANSWER: violin

c. Name the current conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra, seen on PBS’s An Evening at Pops.

ANSWER: Keith Lockhart
14. Do you scream for ice cream? Answer these questions about ice cream, 10 points each.

a. Tortoni was a cafe owner credited with making the first “cream ice.” In what city of exquisite cuisine did he do this?

ANSWER: Paris, France

b. What ice cream innovation originated at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis?

ANSWER: the ice cream cone

c. What city was the hub of ice cream manufacturing in early America and saw the creation of the first ice cream soda in 1874?

ANSWER: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15. 10 points each, identify the treaty that ended each of the following wars.

a. Thirty Years’ War ANSWER: Peace of Westphalia

b. Crimean War ANSWER: Treaty of Paris of 1856

c. Great Northern War ANSWER: Peace of Nystad

16. Identify the following government terms for 10 points each.

a. The Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment provide that representatives shall be chosen among the states according to their respective numbers, through what process of allocation?

ANSWER: apportionment

b. This term refers to killing a bill in committee by putting it aside and not reporting it out for consideration by the chamber, effectively filing it away and forgetting about it.

ANSWER: pigeonhole

c. This is a parliamentary device used in the United States Congress by which a minority of senators seeks to frustrate the will of the majority by literally “talking a bill to death.”

ANSWER: filibustering
17. A/SC. Name the artists from his real name for 15 points, or from works, for 10.

a. 15: Domenikos Theotocopoulos

10: Purification of the Temple, Christ Stripped of his Garments, View of Toledo

ANSWER: El Greco

b. 15: Michelangelo Merisi

10: Conversion of Saint Paul, The Inspiration of Saint Matthew, Medusa

ANSWER: Caravaggio

18. This is a picture of a storage battery of the type found in cars. Answer these questions, 10 points each.

a. What element is found in both the anode and cathode?

ANSWER: lead

b. What liquid is used between the anode and cathode plates?

ANSWER: sulfuric acid or H2SO4

c. Below the picture are electrochemical equations. Using these equations, how much voltage does a single cell produce, and is it positive or negative? You have 10 seconds to begin your answer.

ANSWER: +2.04 volts [DNA: -2.04 V]

19. 30 20 10. Name the political figure.

30: He stole the name by which he is commonly known from a famous dead guerilla in the 1930s.

20: He pioneered the Juche idea, an ideology of self reliance.

10: He ruled North Korea for over 40 years, and is still the object of an intense personality cult years after his death.

ANSWER: Kim Il Seung
20. Literary adaptations were big in 1997 movies. Given the author and actors, give the book, 10 each.

a. Henry James’ 1902 novel about love and money; the movie starred Alison Elliot, Helena Bonham Carter, and Linus Roache.

ANSWER: The Wings of the Dove

b. James Ellroy’s 1990 novel, the movie starred Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce.

ANSWER: L.A. Confidential

c. Elmore Leonard’s 1992 crime novel Rum Punch was adapted into this movie with Pam Grier.

ANSWER: Jackie Brown

21. A religion, by any other name, smells like a cult. Identify these cultish religions, 10 points each.

a. This religion was originally known as the Russellites, and one of the requirements of its members is door to door preaching, so that they may act as a “watch tower” of Christianity.

ANSWER: Jehovah’s Witnesses

b. This religion fosters a very strict belief in the omnipotence of God, using prayer and faith in lieu of modern medical techniques.

ANSWER: Church of Christ, Scientist or Christian Science [don’t accept Scientology]

c. Popular with many celebrities, this religion of self-knowledge has been the target of many anti cult lawsuits, particularly in Germany.

ANSWER: Church of Scientology

22. Answer these questions about The Mutiny on the Bounty, 10 points each.

a. To which island in the South Pacific did the Bounty return after the crew set Captain Bligh adrift?

ANSWER: Tahiti

b. What was the primary cargo of the ship, which was to be carried to the West Indies?

ANSWER: breadfruit trees

c. Name either of the authors of the best selling Bounty trilogy.

ANSWER: Charles Nordhoff or James Hall
23. Given a Roman Emperor, name his predecessor for ten points each:

a. Claudius ANSWER: Caligula [ACC: Gaius Caesar Germanicus]

b. Hadrian ANSWER: Trajan [ACC: Marcus Ulpius Traianus]

c. Marcus Aurelius ANSWER: Antoninus Piu


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