Round 2: tossups bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

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Bulldog High School Academic Tournament VIII

1. At the siege of Bastogne during this battle, Anthony McAuliffe, commander of the American 101st Airborne Division, responded to a surrender request with the single word, “Nuts.” Eventually, George Patton’s Third Army arrived from the south to rescue the besieged troops, who had been supplied by airlift. For ten points, name this 1944-45 battle, which crushed the last major German offensive of WWII.

ANSWER: The Battle of the Bulge

2. The Aye-Aye lemurs have been said to use this when they locate bugs in a tree by tapping on the tree trunk. SONAR is the human equivalent of this method of neural imaging, where animals use sound waves bouncing off objects in order to visualize their surroundings. FTP, name this method, which certain types of whales and all bats can use even in the complete absence of light.


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