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The Inaugural National Scholastics Championship

Case Western Reserve University

1. If you have ESP, you probably know these answers already. 10 points each, name these forms of extrasensory perception.

a. The ability to communicate thoughts to others without speaking.

ANSWER: telepathy

b. The ability of manipulating objects just by using one’s mind.

ANSWER: psychokinesis or telekinesis

c. The ability to perceive events occurring far away while they are occurring, such as a friend’s house being on fire.

ANSWER: clairvoyance
2. Answering (not to mention writing) so many questions could produce bad headaches. Answer these questions, 10 points each about headaches.

70 to 80% of sufferers inherit their susceptibility to this type of headache, sometimes preceded by an “aura” or constriction of blood vessels supplying the brain.

ANSWER: migraine

Overproduction of fluid in the eye or improper draining of fluid not only can cause headaches but can also lead to blindness because of increased pressure of the eyeball.

ANSWER: glaucoma

Some studies have suggested that the abnormal regulation of this neurotransmitter is correlated with the onset of migraine headaches.

ANSWER: serotonin or 5-HydroxyTryptamine (5-HT)
3. Name these musical terms, 10 points each.

An embellishment in which two adjacent pitches are alternately played rapidly, it doesn’t apply just to Lieutenant Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

ANSWER: trill

This fiveletter word describes music in the form of ABACA (among others) in which a refrain is played next to contrasting episodes or themes.

ANSWER: rondo

This is a rhythmic device in which unaccented beats are accented and vice versa.

ANSWER: syncopation
4. Given a famous square, name the city in which it is located for 10 points for the square’s English name of for 5 points if you need its name in the local language.

a. [10] St. Mark’s Square

[5] Piazza San Marco

ANSWER: Venice or Venezia

b. [10] The Star

[5] L’Étoile [lay-TWAHL]


c. [10] Herald Square

[5] Herald Square

ANSWER: New York

From the following clues, identify these first names, 10 points each.

Meaning “The one who strives with God,” this name was given to Jacob after fighting with an angel.

ANSWER: Israel

This first name apparently means “spear carrier.” Famous people include a former senator and a Northwestern football coach.


Derived from the English for a type of sparrow, Spizella passerina, found in North America with a redbrown “cap,” one famous person with this first name runs a tournament.

6. 30-20-10. Name the man from works.

[30] Discourses upon the First Ten Books of Titus Livius

[20] History of Florence and La Mandragola

[10] The Art of War and The Prince

ANSWER: Nicoló Machiavelli
7. Name these forms of petroleum, 15 points each.

a. This mixture of hydrocarbons, with 13 to 25 carbon atoms, boils at 220° to 350° Celsius.

ANSWER: diesel oil or gas oil

b. This mixture of hydrocarbons, with 11 or 12 carbon atoms, boils at 160° to 250° Celsius, perfect for jet engines.

ANSWER: kerosene or paraffin oil
8. 10 points each, identify the singer or group that made each of these annoying music videos.

a. “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”

ANSWER: Backstreet Boys

b. “I’m Afraid of Americans”, appearing with Trent Reznor

ANSWER: David Bowie

c. “Barbie World”


9. Identify the artist from a work, 10 points each.

a. Time Transfixed

ANSWER: René Magritte

b. Three Flags

ANSWER: Jasper Johns

c. Green on Blue

ANSWER: Mark Rothko

10. For the stated number of points, given a college in NCAA Division I, identify its team name.

a. [5] United States Naval Academy

ANSWER: Midshipmen

b. [10] Fairfield University


c. [15] Radford College

ANSWER: Highlanders

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