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American History: Non-Fiction Pulitzers

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American History: Non-Fiction Pulitzers. Mentioned in Will Hunting’s tete-a-tete with a Harvard graduate student -- for 15 points -- which Brown professor won the 1993 Pulitzer in History for The Radicalism of the American Revolution?

ANSWER: Gordon S. Wood

Biological Sciences: Medicine. Your blood pressure may rise just thinking about this one. For 15 points -- name the device doctors use to measure blood pressure.

ANSWER: sphygmomanometer or blood pressure cuff

Fine Arts: Singers. For 15 points -- which internationally-known singer is called “The Swedish Nightingale”?

ANSWER: Jenny Lind

Mathematics: Limits. For 15 points -- what is the limit of, the sum of one plus the quotient one divided by x, all raised to the power of x [write on the board (1 + 1/x)x], as x approaches infinity? You have 15 seconds.


Physical Sciences: Chemical Laws. Carbon monoxide contains 1.33 grams oxygen per gram carbon, but carbon dioxide contains 2.66. This is an example of -- for 15 points -- what law, deduced by Dalton from his atomic theory, that states that when elements A and B form multiple compounds, the masses of A in these compounds relative to B are in small whole number ratios?

ANSWER: the Law of Multiple Proportions

Religion, Mythology, & Philosophy: Famous Terms. It appears in Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” For 15 points -- identify this word, which starts every chapter of the Qur’an [kuh-RAHN] save one, that means “In the name of God”.

ANSWER: Bismallah [bis-mah-LAH]

Sports & Entertainment: Olympic Sports. It takes place on an square area with 12 meter sides. For 15 points -- name this Olympic event done by both male and female gymnasts.

ANSWER: floor exercise

World Geography: Line >Em Up. For 15 points -- arrange the following European cities in order from west to east: Berlin, Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. You have 15 seconds.

ANSWER: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest

World History: Famous Names. She was 1/64 Armenian through Eliza Kewark. For 15 points -- who gave a candid interview on the BBC in response to Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography?

ANSWER: Diana Francis Spenser, Princess of Wales [accept: Princess Di]

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