Round 10: related tossup/bonus


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The Inaugural National Scholastics Championship

Case Western Reserve University

In this round, there are 8 tossups. A correct answer = 10 points + first chance at a 15 point Category Quiz question. Opponents can earn points missed by the first team. Once chosen, a category cannot be reused.

Distribute Category Quiz list to both teams.

The categories for the Category Quiz are...

American Literature: Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

American History: Non-Fiction Pulitzers

Biological Sciences: Medicine

Fine Arts: Singers

General Knowledge & Trivia:

Mathematics: Limits

Physical Sciences: Chemical Laws

Religion, Mythology, & Philosophy: Famous Terms

Social Sciences:

Sports & Entertainment: Olympic Sports

World Geography: Line ‘Em Up

World History: Famous Names

World Literature:

1. In Run-nin-dei, the place of this man’s birth, the emperor Asoka placed a pillar that still stands today. At 16, he married his cousin Ya-sod-ha-ra. For 10 points, name this man who, after the Great Renunciation, found Enlightenment under a bo tree.

ANSWER: Buddha or Siddhartha or Siddhattha Gotama
2. This six-letter word derives from the ancient Greek for a pair of scales. In Babylon, it was a measure of weight equal to 3600 shekels, usually of silver. For 10 points, identify this word now used as a synonym of ability, which describes something lacked by many contestants on The Gong Show.

ANSWER: talent [HN: 3600 shekels = 60 kg?]

3. In 1350, Roman Emperor Charles IV named this city “Rome of the North.” Later, this city commissioned Mozart to write the opera Don Giovanni. For 10 points, identify this city where an infamous defenestration occurred.

ANSWER: Prague or Praha

4. What do you do when Norse Gods start blowing up check-in counters at Heathrow Airport? This is exactly the dilemma faced by Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective. For 10 points, name this charmingly bizarre 1988 novel from science-fiction come comedy writer Douglas Adams.

ANSWER: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

5. For a quick 10 points, what is the range of the following set of six integers? 5, 2, 9, 70, 4, and 300.

ANSWER: 298 [= 300 - 2]

6. In the short run firms in perfectly competitive industries can earn profits, but in the long run this profit will attract entry and profits will fall to zero. As this occurs the price of the product will fall until it equals the minimum point on, For 10 points, which one of the firms’ cost curves?

ANSWER: average total cost

7. He sings such songs as “Come Back to Erin”, “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone”, and “I’m Just Wild About Harry”. He’s appeared on Tiny Toon Adventures. For 10 points, name this character who drives other characters crazy while singing “Hello My Baby”, who’s the icon of the WB Network.

ANSWER: Michigan J. Frog

8. One of the most famous wood carvings of all time was carved by this famous German Renaissance artist. He is famous for his paintings Knight Death and the Devil, St. Jerome in his Study, and Four Apostles. For 10 points, name the man who carved the famous praying hands.

ANSWER: Albrecht Dürer

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