Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era Historical Research Project Learning Expectations

Music and Art during the Elizabethan Era

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Music and Art during the Elizabethan Era: Explore music and artwork that was created during the Elizabethan Era. What were the common themes, the styles, and the instruments used? How was art used during this time.

  1. King Henry VIII: Explore the life of King Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth I’s father. Research about his life and reign. How did his reign change England forever, specifically with religion?

  1. Explorers of the World: England sent many explorers to travel the world and claim new territories for England. Who were some of the explorers during Queen Elizabeth I’s time and what accomplishments did they make? What were some of the negative acts they did as well?

  1. Entertainment of the Elizabethan Era: What were popular forms of entertainment? Sports?

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