Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era Historical Research Project Learning Expectations

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Holidays of the Elizabethan Era: Describe some of the more popular customs and holidays of the times.

  1. Creepy Elizabethan Stuff: Medicine, Magic, Superstitions, The Plague, and Punishment: Explore the common superstitions that were held to be true during this time period. How was medicine practiced, and how were common ailments treated? What was the Black Plague and what was its impact? What were some of the more popular forms of punishment and torture used during this period?

  1. Queen Elizabeth I: Explore one of England’s greatest monarch, Queen Elizabeth I. Share information about Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign as queen. How was Queen Elizabeth involved with the theater and the arts during the Elizabethan Era.

  1. Renaissance Architecture: Explore Renaissance architecture and learn more about how buildings were built during Shakespeare’s time. Be sure to include the common features found on Renaissance building during this time.

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