Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era Historical Research Project Learning Expectations

Courtship/Marriage/Wedding Customs of Elizabethan times

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Courtship/Marriage/Wedding Customs of Elizabethan times: What did betrothal mean? Research marriage and betrothal customs. What color should the bride's dress be? How is the intention to marry announced? What happens if it is not announced previous to the event? Describe the wedding procession. What is a dowry? Explain how important is a wedding ring to the Elizabethans?

  1. Patronization: What is patronization? Why was it necessary? Research and describe Shakespeare's four patrons.

  1. The Role of the Female: What role did the Elizabethan woman play in society? What rights and privileges did she have and which were denied women? Why were females not tolerated as actors during Shakespeare's lifetime? What was the thinking that had young boys playing female roles?

  1. The Class Structure of Elizabethan England: Discuss how power, authority, wealth, work, living conditions, lifestyles, religion, and culture differed among the gentry, middle class, and working class.

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