Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era Historical Research Project Learning Expectations

Holidays, Entertainment, Foods of the Elizabethan Era

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Holidays, Entertainment, Foods of the Elizabethan Era: What were popular forms of entertainment? Sports? Describe some of the more popular customs and holidays of the times. What were some of the typical foods and drink of the times – for lower and upper classes?

  1. Creepy Elizabethan Stuff: Medicine, Magic, Superstitions, The Plague, and Punishment: Explore the common superstitions that were held to be true during this time period. How was medicine practiced, and how were common ailments treated? What was the Black Plague and what was its impact? What were some of the more popular forms of punishment and torture used during this period?

Research: (Individual Grade)

Directory: cms -> lib5 -> NJ01000127 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 407
Domain -> Model response
Domain -> The Ancient Greeks Webquest assignments: Period A1: Greek Intro: Andrew Greek City-states: Kyle
Domain -> Question: To What Extent was Andrew Carnegie atypical of the Industrial Age?
Domain -> Chapter 9: Jacksonian America Test – Thursday/Friday (A/B), Jan 22, Jan 23 Andrew Jackson – 1st Term: Key Issues
Domain -> America’s war with Mexico has been called, both then and since, an unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression and territorial aggrandizement
Domain -> What Really Happened in the Gulf of Tonkin?
Domain -> Analyzing Works of Art
407 -> Welcome to the Great Expectations
407 -> Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors Holocaust Survivor: Sarah Shefer
407 -> The Odyssey – Notes Important Definitions: Epic

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