Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era Historical Research Project Learning Expectations

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Romeo and Juliet and the Elizabethan Era

Historical Research Project

Learning Expectations:

  • You will gain knowledge for Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare by researching and writing about a topic related to the time period and playwright.

  • You will practice skills needed to research, cite, and present information on a given topic.

  • You will learn about a variety of related issues while only researching one.

Below you will find a list of topics, some guidelines for research, and a few suggested web sites. You and a partner will select your three top choices. You will then be assigned a topic.

  1. Directory: cms -> lib5 -> NJ01000127 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 407
    Domain -> Model response
    Domain -> The Ancient Greeks Webquest assignments: Period A1: Greek Intro: Andrew Greek City-states: Kyle
    Domain -> Question: To What Extent was Andrew Carnegie atypical of the Industrial Age?
    Domain -> Chapter 9: Jacksonian America Test – Thursday/Friday (A/B), Jan 22, Jan 23 Andrew Jackson – 1st Term: Key Issues
    Domain -> America’s war with Mexico has been called, both then and since, an unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression and territorial aggrandizement
    Domain -> What Really Happened in the Gulf of Tonkin?
    Domain -> Analyzing Works of Art
    407 -> Welcome to the Great Expectations
    407 -> Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors Holocaust Survivor: Sarah Shefer
    407 -> The Odyssey – Notes Important Definitions: Epic

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