Rome Promotes Evolutionism, Excludes the God of Creation

Quotations from abstracts of presentations at the conference

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Quotations from abstracts of presentations at the conference

  1. Simon Conway Morris, in the abstract of his paper, “Why Evolution is Predictable: Journeys of a Palaeontologist,” stated, “Darwin understood the central importance of the fossil record to his theory of evolution, and since then the many extraordinary finds have dramatically confirmed the genius of his insights. Nevertheless, whilst the reality of evolution is not in dispute problems remain.”11

  1. Douglas J. Futuyma’s, in the abstract of his paper, “Taxonomic Issues: Evidence from Comparative Biology,” stated, “…the hypothesis that all organisms are related, as portrayed in a phylogenetic tree, is both a central claim of evolutionary biology and a framework for tracing and understanding the history and modifications of organisms’ characteristics. The common ancestry of diverse species is now considered a scientific fact, and methods for determining the relationships among species have become quite reliable.”

  1. Stuart A. Newman’s in the abstract of his paper, “A ‘Pattern Language’ for Evolution and Development of Animal Form,” states unequivocally, “Ancient animals arose from unicellular organisms that had billions of years of genetic evolution behind them.”

  1. Yves Coppens’ “The (H)Omo Event” abstract categorically states, “Three million years ago (or a little less), a climatic change happened in the whole world; it was a drought in tropical areas, a cooling everywhere else. In tropical Africa, as elsewhere, the fauna had to react to try adaptations to the new environment to survive. Some animals became extinct; some left the country, some arrived and some – most of them actually – “found” successful answers to the situation: transformation of diet and teeth (Elephants, Suids, Equids, Hominids), transformation of locomotion (Equids, Hominids), transformation of the brain (Hominids). It was the time and the reason for the transformation of Prehumans into Humans, the reason of the emergence of the genus Homo.”

Suffice it to say that the statements quoted from these abstracts are all merely speculations based on a worldview rather than on scientific fact. Appeals to the notion of “genetic evolution” are based on claimed fossil records and carbon dating methods that are suspect as they are also highly influenced by the presuppositions of those using them.

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