Romans 8: 1 – 39 Lecture 21 Romans 8

:31-39 The Love that Never Let’s Go

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8:31-39 The Love that Never Let’s Go

  • Verse 31 – What shall we say? With God on our side, it does not matter who is ______________ us!”

What About our Sin?

  • Won’t it separate us from God? This is the underlying question in v 33. Paul goes to courtroom language for his answer. Who dares charge us with sin when it is God who judges. Who is the only one who can condemn? It is only Jesus and He won’t do it, He is our ______________. His blood was shed for our sins.

If sin cannot separate, suffering might?

  • V. 35…While suffering is the Christian’s lot, whatever form suffering may take…it cannot separate from the divine love of Christ. On the contrary, agapesantos = the past tense of the participle “______________” pointing back to Christ’s death as the crowning proof of His love.”

Verse 38 – Great Conviction

  • Having ruled out sin and suffering as possible separators, Paul declares that nothing in the world or universe can separate the believer from Jesus.

  • Nothing in ______________No super ______________ being or ______________ beings

  • No ______________ of the present or future

  • No ______________ from the stars in the sky

  • Nothing in creation.

The Love Of God In Christ

  • Is adequate to hold us to the very ______________.

The Argument

  • Of chapters 1-8 began by showing how ______________ is ______________ and ______________, went on to show that God’s grace can redeem sinful men. This is now over. Chapters 9-11 will show the horrific tragedy of the rejection of Jesus by Israel. Then in 12-15 the Christian Ethic will be discussed as it is developed out of the gospel.

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