Roman Contributions to the Modern World

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Roman Contributions to the Modern World

1. Fold the paper:

In half, short end to short end

In half again, long side to long side

In THIRDS –fold left short end halfway to the right end, open it out and fold the right end in to meet the first fold.

When you open out your paper, there should be twelve boxes.




2. Label each box with a topic/main idea mentioned in one of the texts and/or resource books on Ancient Rome. If you are having trouble thinking of an idea, start with the six standard areas and then look for six additional ideas.

3. In each box, illustrate one way the ancient Romans contributed to our modern life AND write a meaningful sentence explaining the connection. For example, a section on Science and Technology might talk about how our calendar is derived from the Romans. Your illustration could be of Julius Caesar (July) and your sentence would explain how Roman leaders and gods are often depicted in our modern calendar. DO NOT draw a sun and a pool- the Romans did not invent summer vacation!
4. Yes, illustrations need to be colored and sentences should be written in pen.
5. Be Creative and Have Fun!!! 

Download 4.74 Kb.

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