Roman Civilization – Ch. 9 Name Life in Ancient Rome

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Roman Civilization – Ch. 9 Name ___________________________________

Life in Ancient Rome

  • If you were an ancient Greek traveling in Rome, what might you see that was familiar? __________________________________________________________________________________

  • Describe the differences Roman art and Greek art: _________________________________________


  • Romans were the first people to invent and use ______________. This substance made the buildings sturdier and many still stand today.

  • How was the Forum important to the ancient Romans? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • List some pros and cons of holding sports figures up as heroes and the responsibilities that major sports figures have to the public. ____________________________________________________________


In this poem excerpt, Horace praises the lifestyle of those who farm their family’s land.

“Happy is the man who, far from

According to Horace, what kinds of things does the farmer avoid? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
usiness and affairs

Like mortals of the early times,

May work his father’s fields

With oxen of his own,

Exempt [free] from profit,

Loss, and fee,

Not like the soldier roused by

savage trumpet’s blare,

not terrified by seas in rage,

avoiding buys forums and the

haughty doors

of influential citizens.”

-Horace, The Book of Epodes

  • “For lunch I stopped at one of the Thermopolia for bread and cheese. Tonight, my family will eat fish I bought at the market to cook on the small grill in our apartment. As a special treat, we’ll have figs after dinner.” Who would have said this? ________________________________________________

  • A Roman judge said, “Whatever pleases the emperor is law.” What might a Roman teenager have said? _____________________________________________________________________________

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