Roman Baths & Pump Room Visitor Code

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Roman Baths & Pump Room

Visitor Code

The Roman Baths and Pump Room complex is a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It is visited by over a million people a year, who come for a variety of different purposes. This means that it can become very busy. Bath & North East Somerset Council has a responsibility to create an atmosphere that does not offend any visitors’ values, beliefs or sensibilities.

This Visitor Code reflects socially acceptable behaviour. To protect the building’s historic fabric and ensure a pleasant visit for everyone, we respectfully ask that all visitors observe this Code.

Personal presentation: a reasonable standard of cleanliness and dress is required. Shirts / tops and footwear must be worn at all times. Crash helmets should be removed before entering the building.

Suitable footwear: no stiletto heels of shoes / boots with hobnails or steel inserts are permitted as they damage historic floors and ancient pavements.

Food and drink: refreshments are available for purchase in the Pump Room Restaurant or at the Roman Baths Kitchen opposite. Visitors may not bring food or drink for consumption within the building.

Antisocial behaviour: visitors are asked to respect the right of other people to enjoy this building. Space is limited in certain parts of the building, so please ensure that there is no running around and that noise is kept to a minimum. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be refused admission or asked to leave the building. Please note that this is a no-smoking building.

Health & Safety: visitors are asked not to climb on the Roman remains, and not to touch the water in the Baths as it is untreated. The Roman pavements are uneven and visitors are asked to be aware of their own safety as well as that of other visitors.

Animals: no animals are permitted with the exception of ‘assistance dogs’.

Use of toilets: toilets in the building are primarily provided for use by Roman Baths visitors and Pump Room Restaurant diners. At times when it is very busy our staff may direct non-visitors to alternative facilities.

Security: visitors behaving suspiciously or causing offence to others will be escorted from the building by security staff. If you see or are affected by suspicious or unacceptable behaviour, please report it to a member of staff.

In all these matters the decision of our door staff is final.

A copy of this code will be available to any visitor who is asked to leave the building or to whom admission is refused.

Complaints: If you wish to make a complaint about any services provided at the Roman Baths and Pump Room complex please write to:

Katie Smith

Visitor Services Manager

The Roman Baths


or email
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