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Role profile

Title: Head of Marketing

Reports to: Group Head – Digital and Marketing

Directorate: External Affairs

Grade: C

Role purpose

To lead the planning, delivery and analysis of integrated advertising and marketing activity to achieve agreed objectives and targets and drive the performance of an expert integrated marketing team, providing outstanding leadership client service, training and support to the organisation.

Budget responsibility

c. £500k

Management responsibility

Supervision and direct management of 4 staff - Advertising and Marketing Manager, Account Manager (Services), Account Manager (Fundraising and Retail), Brand and Creative Manager

Key contacts

Internal contacts

All staff at Scope

External Affairs Senior Leadership Team

SMTs across the organisation

External contacts

Contractors and suppliers including a range of external agencies

Digital and community leads in other organisations

Scope members, former affiliates and supporters

Key accountabilities


To work seamlessly across department or team boundaries in a collaborative and constructive manner to achieve Scope’s aims

To demonstrate a commitment to customer service excellence and deliver against the requirements of Scope’s quality framework

To work within Scope’s policies and procedures at all times


To provide a facilitative and inclusive management style establishing and maintaining productive, collaborative relations with internal and external stakeholders

To promote a culture of high standards, expectations and continuous improvement that values and empowers staff.

To encourage team members to maximise their potential through continuous learning whilst challenging and dealing with under performance.

To recruit, manage and develop staff within Scope’s HR and operational policies and procedures

To utilise volunteers appropriately within the department and encourage and appreciate staff who support Scope outside of their job role by volunteering in shops, events or services or by other discretionary efforts.

Lead effective and engaging monthly team meetings, reporting back on key issues and questions raised

Role specific

Manage a high performing, integrated marketing team, which plays a proactive part in delivering the External Affairs vision and purpose and ways of working.

Provide an integrated marketing service to promote Scope’s current and prospective products and services.

Lead the team in delivering engaging and effective marketing campaigns using innovative techniques and constantly testing new channels

Lead the team in providing outstanding client service and account management to internal stakeholders including planning, developing, implementing and reporting on advertising and marketing activity to achieve objectives, including target revenue and conversion rates, in collaboration with colleagues in the External Affairs department and other business functions such as Fundraising, Retail and Services

Lead the team in creating, executing and implementing a culture where the opportunities the team offers to support the attainment of objectives and targets are understood and colleagues have the knowledge and training to take advantage of these opportunities.

Lead the team in identifying and building strategic relationships with external stakeholders (including suppliers and partners) to achieve objectives and targets.

Lead the management of relationships with advertising and marketing agencies and suppliers to ensure contracts deliver value for money, targets are met and work is delivered to agreed standards, including the procurement of new suppliers

Lead the development of a planning and analysis approach to enable the continual testing and optimisation of advertising and marketing activity, including comparative analysis, multi-variant and A-B testing across owned, bought and earned channels

Lead the team in owning technical and off-site search engine optimisation practice, conversion funnel and optimisation best practice approaches

Lead the management of advertising and marketing tools and systems, including the proactive procurement of new tools and systems

Lead the team to identify and brief requirements for enhancements to owned channels to optimise the performance of advertising and marketing activity

Direct the provision of management information and reporting for advertising and marketing activity, including ownership of Google analytics and lead the marketing team in taking responsibility for oversight of all analysis and reporting for the digital and marketing function within External Affairs

Lead the development of a system of monitoring and evaluating the organisation’s offline marketing

Leading the management and effective use of data by the marketing team and digital and marketing unit within External Affairs - including data protection compliance

Leading the team and internal and external stakeholders to work in line with best practice by keeping up-to-date with industry developments and trends

Lead the team in creating, executing and implementing governance practices and processes which support a distributed model of participation.

Lead the team’s advertising and marketing training programmes and the production of training and best practice guides
These duties may be added to or deleted from, and may be subject to change.

Agreed by

Line Manager


Scope is a registered charity, number 208231.

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