Role of information system in e commerce

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Being the conduct of commerce in goods and services, with the assistance of telecommunication and telecommunication-based tools such as the Internet, E commerce has helped companies to achieve overall organizational improvement. This improvement is expected to be the result of the main benefits that will contribute to the company's financial stability and enable it to compete better in the business world that applies expansion of network of business partners. In traditional trade, it is very difficult for a company to find the geographical location of its business partners in other countries or continents.

E commerce is considered very efficient because every company does not need equipment to run this business, and only needs internet, thus reducing all levels of operational costs because it is run through online channels. It has enabled market expansion because the reach will be increasingly very broad, as it is not limited by the geographical location where the company is located. On the other hand, it has shortened the distance between Companies and consumers and vice versa.

Consumers can obtain information about products or services needed and transact in a fast and inexpensive way. Flexible. Consumers can make transactions from various locations, both from home, office, internet cafe or other places.


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