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Role Title

Aboriginal Senior Consultant

Classification Level


Role No



Housing Services, Housing SA

Date Created

October 2009


Housing Services

Date Approved

Reports To

Regional Manager

Review Date


Role Summary

The Aboriginal Senior Consultant is an operational role within Housing SA and is accountable to the Regional Manager for:

  • providing solution brokerage in the form of advice, consultancy and recommendations to Housing SA managers and staff who provide services and programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers across the State.

  • overseeing and initiating appropriate case management strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers with high and/or complex needs, where specifically requested or required.

  • identifying service gaps and building the capacity of Housing Services service delivery staff to deliver housing outcomes effectively to the Aboriginal community, taking into consideration specific regional needs and requirements.

  • providing culturally appropriate advice to regional managers, managers and service delivery staff, specifically in relation to Aboriginal programs and the planning and delivery of housing services to the Aboriginal community.

  • building and maintaining effective state wide working relationships and partnerships with communities, service providers and other stakeholders to identify Aboriginal specific issues and lead and influence the development and implementation of initiatives that improve housing, health and quality of life for Aboriginal people.

Reporting/Working Relationships

  • Regional Manager (direct manager).

  • Directors and Senior Managers across DFC.

  • Non-government organisations.

  • Local Government.

  • Aboriginal communities.

Special Conditions

  • The incumbent must possess a current Class C Drivers Licence.

  • The incumbent in the role is a Mandated Notifier of child abuse under the Children’s Protection Act 1993.

  • Out of hours work, intrastate and possible interstate travel necessitating occasional overnight absence may be required.

  • Successful applicant will be required to satisfactorily complete a Background Screening and National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) prior to being employed and every three years.

  • Pursuant to Section 56(2) of the Equal Opportunity Act, 1984 only people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent may apply for these positions.



Not applicable.




Service Delivery

  • Work closely with Housing SA staff to provide assistance with high level case co-ordination for Aboriginal customers with high and complex cultural needs.

  • Analyse the extent and nature of demand for housing and support services for Aboriginal customers and identify service gaps, develop appropriate strategies and identify and lead continuous improvement projects.

  • Evaluate, research and identify housing options and service delivery approaches to meet the needs of Aboriginal individuals, families and communities, including consideration of social and cultural factors, in regional and metropolitan locations.

  • Provide expert advice and consultancy to key stakeholders in relation to regional and state-wide planning for Aboriginal specific programs and projects.

  • Develop and implement culturally sensitive processes and programs which support Housing Services staff to increase access to housing and supports services for Aboriginal people.

  • Develop and deliver training and mentoring programs that increase the confidence of Housing Services staff to provide services to Aboriginal people.

  • Provide policy and program advice on issues associated with improved access to housing and sustainability of housing outcomes for Aboriginal customers.

  • Promote services to Aboriginal people that strengthen and preserve families and contribute to well being.

  • Represent Housing Services/Housing SA in discussions, agency and customer consultation processes, committees, working parties and project teams.

  • Raise awareness of the Aboriginal Consultancy Program and assist in building capacity and cultural confidence in regional offices and increase the cultural confidence of Housing SA staff.

  • Provide advice to the General Manager and key stakeholders regarding the ongoing development of the program.

Relationship Management

  • Identify and develop community support systems and networks.

  • Contribute to community awareness programs and development of community based activities.

  • Build effective working relationships and develop channels of communications and consultation with communities, service providers and other stakeholders to co-ordinate connected services.

  • Develop and maintain appropriate working relationships with other agencies, to allow for appropriate integration of wider Government objectives and expectations in Housing Services policies and programs.

  • Initiate joint service planning, costing and reporting with other government and community sector agencies for the provision of appropriate inter-agency support for households with special needs.

Policy Development and Management

  • Provide timely and accurate advice to management and key stakeholders across government on policy, procedures and operational issues relating to Aboriginal specific programs and business.

  • Lead the implementation, monitoring and review of new and existing policies and programs.

  • Analyse policy and strategic directions to contribute to relevant processes for service improvement.

  • Undertake consultation and negotiation with a range of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Evaluate the implementation of policies and programs, including undertaking appropriate data and outcome analysis.

  • Monitor and assess national trends relevant to the strategic directions of DFC.

  • Prepare high quality written documents, including briefings and reports to a range of stakeholders within the required deadlines.

  • Maintain awareness of relevant trends and issues within the State and in other States.

  • Maintain systems to meet DFC compliance with relevant legislation and contractual obligations.

Organisational Contribution

  • Understand and follow workplace safety initiatives, identify hazards and contribute to a safe working environment, as well as follow procedures to manage and minimise risks within the DFC.

  • Follow the principles of a sustainable working environment by following departmental greening initiatives.

  • Model ethical behaviour and practices consistent with SA Government Code of Conduct for Public Sector Employees and DFC stated values.


Relating & Communicating

  • Develop strategic networks to increase team/unit effectiveness and achieve departmental goals.

  • Communicate clearly on complex issues with key stakeholders.

  • Use negotiation and influence skills to convey information and mediate conflicts.

Client Focus

  • Implement improved strategies and service standards to increase effectiveness.

  • Identify trends and developments that may affect the department’s ability to meet current and future client needs.

  • Provide team/unit with resources and information to provide high quality client services and address the cultural needs of clients and those clients with complex needs.

Achieving Objectives

  • Manage current resources and develop plans to maximise use of available resources.

  • Prioritise work loads of individuals/team and implement strategies to manage time effectively.

  • Develop clear performance guidelines to provide role clarity and team/individual direction.

Personal Drive & Professionalism

  • Establish links between operational and strategic goals, and the organisational values.

  • Provide leadership and advice to team members to achieve action plans.

  • Actively seek to build departmental capability and identify potential future leaders.

Continuous Improvement

  • Lead change and develop new concepts and procedures to improve services and maximise performance.

  • Encourage and lead others to provide innovative solutions and challenge current policies or procedures.

  • Monitor decision making processes to adapt to changing client and organisational needs.

Respect Cultural Diversity

  • Take action and provide services that are inclusive of Aboriginal people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as engage in learning about other cultures to better establish relationships and improve services.



Aboriginal Case Management: utilise experience working with Aboriginal people, families and organisations and effective case coordination of highly sensitive and complex cases involving Aboriginal people and community.


Aboriginal Culture: Provide expert cultural advice using demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal Culture and the political, historical and socio-economic circumstances that have impacted upon Aboriginal people, their culture and communities, as well as current trends and critical emerging issues.


Aboriginal Programs and Services - Ability to integrate Aboriginal cultural experiences, philosophy and practice in the design and implementation of Aboriginal programs and services as well as influence staff culture and build cultural capacity.


Community Service Knowledge Base – demonstrate knowledge of Aboriginal Housing networks, Aboriginal Community and agencies that support Aboriginal people in the community, and establish and maintain networks, effective collaborative partnerships and working relationships.


Communication - High level written and verbal communication skills, with a proven capacity to undertake consultation, provide expert cultural advice on complex issues, assist in the development of procedures and policies, prepare well-structured reports , briefings and recommendations.



Andrew Beckmann

Date: 22 April 10





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