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Please note that all due-dates are

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Please note that all due-dates are final unless an extension has been pre-arranged with me in advance. Papers late without authorization will be docked .2 per day late; weekends count as one day. ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS (BOTH PAPERS AND BOTH EXAMS) MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER TO PASS THE CLASS.

Grades will be calculated according to the following percentages:
Midterm: 15%

Class participation: 15%

First paper: 20%

Final paper: 25%

Final Exam: 25%
Students who wish their final exam mailed to them must provide me with a stamped, self-addressed envelope by the day of the final. Students may also collect their exams directly from me during the first two weeks of winter quarter.

I do not anticipate that cases of academic dishonesty will arise. However, if they do, the materials in question will be turned over to the University Committee on Academic Conduct for further action.

Download 43 Kb.

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