Roaring Twenties Background Quiz Group Members Names

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Roaring Twenties Background Quiz

Group Members Names

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Directions: Watch the Discovery Channel documentary on the Roaring Twenties and answer the following:

  1. Describe the flapper fashions and explain how they reflected the new ideals (and status) of the 1920s woman. (Lauren and Company)

Before the 20s women usually wore longer dresses that concealed their bodies with their hair pulled up. Later on flappers began to wear shorter, revealing dresses that were not normally welcomed. Woman also became more in control of their lives by being able to use birth control and being able to get a divorce.


2) How did prohibition impact the culture of the 1920s? (Alyssa and Company)

It made speakeasies, caused bootlegging which is making and selling illegal alcohol. It also helped Mafias make money, it also made America seem very calm and relaxed because everyone was drunk half the time.

  1. What is notable about the African-American community during this time in history? (Amanda and Company)

During the 1920’s, the Harlem Renaissance began. Jazz also began and Marcus Garvey separatist movement emerged, wanting African Americans to move back to Africa. African Americans became artists and writers. They were more involved with the white society, even though they didn’t share the same prosperity. They spoke out and had a voice.

  1. What architectural style emerged during this time? Describe its characteristics. (Natalya and Company)

The Skyscrapers emerged during the 1920’s. Characteristics include great heights, many stories and large space.

  1. How did World War I impact the American economy 1920s? (Gary and Company)

World War I encouraged more industry and manufacturing of supplies for the war. Because of the increase in manufactured goods, they were often used to make luxury items for American consumers like cars. Also, since the Americans had to endure on everlastingly serious war, the people spent most amount of money during this time period.

  1. What are possible causes of Black Tuesday in 1929? (Elan and Company)

The causes of Black Tuesday in 1929 were over speculation in the stock market, which was not regulated. Many Americans purchased stock on credit and politicians didn’t understand the problems facing the economy, so they took no action to regulate the purchase and sale of stocks. Therefore, 13 million shares changed bonds and values collapsed.

  1. Why is “Jazz Age” an appropriate moniker for the 1920s? (Elan and Company)

“Jazz Age” is an appropriate moniker for the 1920s because of the popular music of the time, and American music that combined African rhythms, blues, and ragtime.

  1. What important invention impacted the American economy at this time? (Alex and Company)

Both the automobile and the radio greatly impacted the American economy. Many people purchased the radio for communication, to hear the news and for entertainment. The automobile also became a social symbol at the time. People were interested in material goods and the automobile quickly became a must have item.

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