Road to World War II and World War II what are the major characteristics of Fascism?

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Road to World War II and World War II

  1. What are the major characteristics of Fascism?

  2. How does fascism differ from democracy?

  3. Who is Benito Mussolini and why is he significant?

  4. How did war and economic depression lead to the rise of fascism (in Germany, Japan and Italy)?

  5. Give two examples of how Mussolini and Hitler carried out fascist policies.

  6. Define/identify/explain/be able to apply:

    1. Appeasement

    2. Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    3. Winston Churchill

    4. Charles de Gaulle

    5. Nazi-Soviet Pact

    6. Blitzkrieg

    7. Dunkirk Evacuation

    8. Battle of Britain/the Blitz

    9. Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    10. El Alamein

    11. Battle of Stalingrad

    12. Invasion of Italy

    13. Invasion of Normand

    14. Island hopping

    15. Battle of Midway

    16. Kamikaze pilots

    17. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    18. The Bataan Death March

    19. The Holocaust

    20. Nuremberg Trials

  7. Why did the Cold War emerge out of World War II?

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